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So who out there has played any new songs live, hot off the presses, this 50/90 (or in previous songwriting challenges)

I don't do alot of live performing anymore, but by luck in the last few months there is this very cool once-a-month open mic three blocks from my place that i've gone to... and last night, did a quick little 3 song set, two of the songs being brand new from this 5090. The first song played 'early summer heat' I basically wrote about 15 min before the gig! fun little time deadline!

anyway, share your stories, and hope this inspires someone else to get up there with lyric sheets and all (i'm horrible at memorizing my lyrics to new stuff, even old stuff!) and sing some new creation.

here's the video, for anyone interested. not my best performance, but hey, was fun!

Cool seeing you play live Mike! Nicely done. When I did open mics in 2011, remembering lyrics was the hardest part for me. I am so glad I am not a frontman! There are videos on YouTube from those open mics....... Smile

One of the songs that kovbleu and I wrote this past FAWM is now a regular in our band Treading Bleu's setlist... We've played it in the last two shows and it has gone over really well. Smile

"So... Whatever"

I've got a great little local pub gig which is great for sneaking in new songs. Got to break em in somehow!

Hey Mike, -- nice set!

You look like you were enjoying yourself, that "gets me into it" too. Happy b-day and How am i ... especially nice.

Yes, posting these things are very helpful, helps to "normalizes" it, --how it should be done!

@ZeCoop - I'm digging your song as I write this. I listened to/watched @mike skliar's video last week.
Here's mine:

Yesterday, I sang and played a mantra for the yoga classes I teach.

So far I have played *20683 *21011 (collab with @Acousticmaddie ) and *21271 on a streaming show at and at the local ACMA singer-songwriter circle. Eventually some will be played at the semi-occasional outdoor farmers market gig where @Chip Withrow also plays. If the past is any indication, there may also be improvised new song recordings on the spot.

Ive played She left me by the river
And Molly from tipperary

Yesterday night (jumped in in Hasse so I thought I tried it out) bit I got a callback to be on with the same today

I've got a personal goal of writing at least one new song per-monthly-open-mic, so I'll be playing a new one on Friday from this 50/90, and I have played several from FAWM (Tacocat is still a big crowd-pleaser from a palindrome skirmish).

These two I wrote in the interstice between FAWM and 50/90 to meet my open-mic goal, I think the video and audio turned out quite well, the songs go as a box-set, one from right before we had a baby, and one from the week after. I played them both together at the open mic, but this video is more recent. (don't need to log in to facebook to view video)

I wrote and performed a song yesterday for a bardic competition, before that, I had not performed any of my FAWM or 50/90 songs anywhere. I have horrible anxiety and stage fright and previous attempts at singing and playing the autoharp together before groups of people had not gone that well. I"m pleased to say this time went amazing and wonderful and I think I could do more of it. Smile Details about the song in the liner notes.

I tried my Much Ado About Nothing song at an open mic a couple of weeks ago. It still needs some work.

I don't perform live anymore. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't!

At the Summersongs East student show I played *22723 the same day I wrote it and played *22811. Both of which I started in Abbie Gardner's songwriting class.

I played this one live to a spare audience of fellow songwriters in the lounge of a rugby club the day after I wrote it:

2nd live solo performance - brought down the house. It was an "Iron Bardic" challenge at an SCA (Renaissance Reenactment) where the audience got 2 votes each for the bards who performed. There were 5 of us: a champion Bard and 2 of her students, a poet and me. For my first song, I sang my arrangement of "One Step Back from FAWM 2017 (@musicsongwriter also did a wonderful version of it) I taught the audience the chorus, then we performed it together - however the battle in the arena right behind me was still going on and the Baroness had not made it to her seat - I gave it my all - and so did the rest of the performers! The Baroness came in before the 3rd contestant's song, the Bard, and they stopped the show...The Baroness requested I repeat my first performance for her as she was sad she missed it!!!!!

I got up and said "Well, we had a good rehearsal! Let's do this right! Ready?" and I danced around the fire brazier and conducted my choir of approx 40 or 50 voices with clapping and drums, and they let me sing the verses, and I gave everything I had....

Then I followed that with "Walmart Wedding" - another song of mine from way back when and brought down the house.

The Bard won, but they did recognize me in court - AND the Bard came to me and discussed a project idea she had working with 16th century music and writing new lyrics, more specific to the SCA. So - all around, I felt like it was a fantastic performance!

I wrote this one (music; words are believed to be PD) the evening before it was used/performed live at a farewell party.