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My failing memory tells me someone in my Fawmily plays or makes lutes. Please wave, I'm suddenly committed to making a lute with my grandson. In vain do I extol the simplicity of a cigar box guitar: it has to be a lute.

Wow! Good luck! I'm not mechanically inclined. I'm impressed with anyone that can build instruments. I'm thinking of trying to make a carrot recorder this summer just to amuse myself and impress my students, but that's my limit. If you do, I can't wait to hear it!

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Depending on what you're starting with, that's a pretty complex build......lots of strips for the "bowl" bent and shaped around a mold, ......tons more bracing than you'll even see on x-braced acoustic 12strings for the soundboard...... is about the limit of my knowledge on lute builds ........ not something I've personally ever tackled, but have done my fair share of various other builds, might have some tips/tricks to share depending on where you're at with it........Very intrigued! keep me posted Smile Good Luck! ........personally I think you should just smack your grandson with a cbg Smile but it may be a fun experience!

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Just an idea while I couldn't sleep, mad at this post for making me think lutes Wink ......giant gourd cut in halfish for a back, brace inside with whatever, even Popsicle stick bridge style.......cut a "tonewood" top to fit, good-luck if you want some fancy smancy headstock that most lutes tend to have Wink

The gourd is great for ukuleles, but I don't think it will work with the chain mail and greatswords. Yes @dzd, I'm terrified too....

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I recently got hold of a mandola with a round back and since the original workshop is near my hometown I visited them. The current luthier could tell me that it was build by his grandfather in 1967 and made some adjustments of the bridge for me. I'm afraid I'm no help for you in this case but am interested in your further endeavors building a lute.

@sph In the 1970s I had a mandolin from an opshop, with a lifting face that I intended to repair. But alas I left it at my fiancee's house and her young teenage brothers (one or other) used it as a weapon on the head of the other. So passethed the beautiful round back.

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@Tim Fatchen nope probably not hahaha, so starting from scratch? best of luck! do you have a big enough hunk to bowl out? or going to have to piecemeal it together? I don't know which would be more daunting! Glad your grandson is interested in building though, not a lot of my generation was/is. I'm always the youngster around when talking builds only place I feel young anymore being in 40s Smile

Inspired by your post, and a big fan of the lute, and all things renaissance. But I currently have an unfinished upright electric bass build that is glaring at me.