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Hello, I'm new to 50/90 and looking to collaborate widely, after finishing my first FAWM on my own this year. I play piano (or other MIDI instrument) and sing tenor, see my FAWM stuff for examples, although I'm probably going to keep it mostly piano+vocal demos this summer. If you have lyrics, I'd love to set them; if you need a part or a co-writer please let me know. Looking forward to it!

Hey, hazeyjohnii, I enjoyed your fawm songs this year, so I'm glad to see you over here as well. Happy musicking!

Hello John
Welcome to 5090 2017.
I just checked out a couple of your FAWM stuff... Impressive it is.
I like your approach and the general feel of your music.
Check in with me later on. I'm sure we can put something together this summer.
Russ Dirol

Hey @hazeyjohnii , I would be honored by your offer and would like to collaborate... I am a pure lyricist, writing words for music, which - without music - just stay what they are - just words...

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Sure - I would be glad to collaborate with you in some capacity. Have an excellent 50/90!

cool...nice songs. mctown


Hi John, I'll be delighted to collaborate with you. I might come up with some lyrics or borrow your beautiful vocals, or both.
Have a great 50/90.

Hi John! I would absolutely love to collab with you.

I've just gone and listened to your FAWM songs and found myself singing harmonies along with several of them. I think I would very much enjoy harmonizing together for reals.

Hello! I tend to write a lot of lyrics - often songs that would come alive with piano and voice. Love your style and would be thrilled to collaborate!

Nice tracks John! I see many collabs coming your way!

I'd really like a collab or two. I need a push to get going, as my motivation is really low at the moment. Feel free to push me in some kind of direction (idea, style, reference, etc.), and I'll whip up some nice lyrics for you. Smile