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I've had this idea for a while now but haven't actually done it. I figured I would throw it out here and see if anyone else is interested.

Challenge: Creat a song using only instrumental sounds that come from any phone app. There are plenty of free music making aps to choose from in the Google play and iTunes ap stores. You can do it entirely on your phone or sample the sounds and use them in your DAW to creat the song. Vocals can be added however you would like but the instrumental must be done entirely with sounds from phone apps.

If you choose to participate in the challenge tag your song #phoneapp and share your song here.

Good luck!

Good challenge. I may have to give that a try, though I do hate looking at my tiny phone screen too long. Old eyes. Smile

I've been playing with FL mobile. It's great!

I have a handful of music aps on my phone that I plan on sampling to arrange into a song or two.

I’ve used phone apps a lot in the past, and there’s a term for it - #apptronica

Sounds great, especially because I'll be traveling in a few days. Though does the tag only have one p? I've always seen it spelled "phone app"...

Fyi there is a DAW called Walk Band for Android, could be helpful for this!

Thanks @littlespiral for the correction. It's been fixed in the original post.

This sounds like fun! I'm so down

I'm away from my home and recording setup right now, so this would be a great way to avoid falling behind.

I've used and recommend Caustic on Android!

The PC/Mac version is free, and you can send your files over and reopen 'em.

I don't have an iPhone but have invested and researched pretty heavily in iPad apps (some of which are also on iPhone), and would be happy to help if anyone has questions there.

Used Soundcamp for Android.

@pearlmanhattan, you can use a USB audio interface instead! This is the cheapest I know of.

Instead of what? I'm confused @spingo soundcamp works great with my headphones/mic...

Had so much fun with Soundcamp, so I made another song with it.

OK here is my first one.

I wanted to try out Soundcamp after hearing what [@pearmanhattan] had done but apparently that app is only for Samsung devices. What a bummer. This was made with Remix Live another similar app. I have a few other apps that I've been messing around with but this was one of the easiest that I've found to do it all on your phone with just one app.

Here's another one. This was made with Caustic 3 that @spingo had posted a link to. I really like how this one came out. I can see myself using this app a lot. Thanks for the link.