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Hello-Philly in quotes since I'm just outside the city in the burbs. Any other Philly/Tristate area people here?

Yes, central jersey.

We try to get to PA, but seems a challenge in the city, --everything's booked or very expensive in the summer, --to crash the night after along day there. (I wish Eastern State Prison would engage summer music, ala busker, singer-songwriter... they miss an opportunity in that for all the other they try to promote. I guess I could lobby them for that..., (their arts council), they go complex eagerly, but not simple. Oh well.)

Jersey folks don't gather easily for some reason, (as most know w/o saying Smile ) --was a discussion the past two fawms-5090's, --no one can figure out.

NYC is here, (a nice handful!), and they seem to gather well. Maybe they all know each other better... I lost the habit of in/out of NYC (used to do the Drum Collective, -been a while). I think if you live there you know the in's and out's.

Seems you've been around here a while per your bio, -- you'd know, no need to hear it from me Wink