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May your sweet tones follow you on the journey.

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I had just seen that myself....truly sad.....he did have some sweet tones

I've been a big Fleetwood Mac fan but really only from their pop hit incarnation. Those two albums are pure gold to me. Imagine my surprise years after those albums came out when I learned one of my favorite songs, Oh Well, was actually an earlier Fleetwood Mac song!

R.I.P. Peter Green. Sad

@johnstaples. I felt the same way with Black Magic Woman.

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@JamKar @johnstaples Same here being shocked by how many great songs they actually wrote when I first heard that Santana version of Black Magic Woman it was one of those I swore I had heard before but just couldn't place it....wasn't until browsing some store or another found an old Fleetwood Mac 45 of it (early 70s maybe even a 69 release if not mistaken) and it dawned on me

A band I was in long ago did Oh Well, fun tune

Fun tunes and sweet tones? WTF the guy was a bloody genius, nobody played minor blues like Greeny, and the string of hit singles he wrote in the late 60s (Oh Well, Man of The World,The Green Manalishi, Rattlesnake Shake, Need Your Love So Bad, Black Magic Woman, and Albatross, was astonishing.
Fleetwood Mac were just another British Blues Boom group but when Green added Danny Kirwan on guitar they created something sublime. Unfortunately that line up only made one album Then play On and the definitive album of the time has to be the Greatest Hits. But they were gigging relentlessly and YouTube has so many amazing clips of live TV specials and gigs from that time where the band are incredible and Greens playing gives you shivers. That's the best way to hear the band and the legend
Tragically it was after a German gig he got almost kidnapped by some German commune who fed him vast quantities of psychedelics and when he reappeared weeks later his mind was completely blown. Severe mental illness ensued, and he disappeared for years. The only news I remember of him was when he turned up at his solicitors with a shotgun because he wanted to stop all royalties from his songs!!
He got forgotten, Fleetwood Mac got in Buckingham and Nicks and went stellar, then Gary Moore adopted Green's blues style as a sincere tribute to Green, but new listeners unfortunately heard it as being Moore's own, and I felt even more sorry for him.
When he reappeared in the 80s the magic had evaporated and sadly I can't listen to anything he did from then onwards.

The pre-psychedelic-drugged Peter Green I think is what predisposed me to the blues. Oh Well. RIP