Paper Planes, Born Free and Avantgarde "music"

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Yam's "shameless self promotion" post of his album, got me looking at other I look at, but not recently.

I don't niche myself, however, I am sure someone could niche me from what they see, maybe, --who knows. Anyway, as I repeat and will always repeat, when commenting on work product, -- it should be authentic, lest someone thinks you're being patronizing, blowing smoke, click counting, etc.

Without detail, yet restating, I've engage "art" in general, globally for a long while, avantgarde, classic, neo-classic, (visual art) "how-to" forgery, (visual art) archival renovation (hence the forgery Smile ) , other. However "here", musically speaking, it's very easy to appear as a certain type, or, some may even strive for that, -- not me Smile My 1v1g tracks could all be full on marshall stacked, packed and chrome plated metalized, or not Crazy

So as not to waste the path Yam's stuff put me on, here it is, -- and You? Crazy

So..., I pulled up, looked for, in light of * many things as I pulled on this thread of "avantgarde":

Flash from the past?
-- M.I.A.'s 2010 video "Born Free" R-Rated, definitly NSFW where folks ---- dressed in *Black, look for Folks with *Orange Hair

*Warning again, that is a disturbing video, you've been warned!

-- It incorporates electronica, alternative hip hop, horror-core, "ambient-fusion"
(My new named genre, soon to be top-40 hit paraded! Smile )
---- Yes, two stories happening here. The lyrics are online.

Folks who speak of oppression, may be living in the wrong country to know what that is, versus, my personal experience of oppression.

Anuway, M.I.A., she's (more) known for her, imo, * under-rated lyrics, "Paper Planes" 2007 "Rap-Folk-fusion" ? (Another Genre Smile )

OMG!! Smile good2no, ---- and was a **Home Recording**, Brooklyn, NY ... if one listens carefully to the Lyric, -- imo, it's Reggae (as I see/define it), in the traditional sense, not Pop-Top 40. (The video, I think slips into the "pop-mind" sales world who may not listen, or read the lyrics, -- always a good thing to do with the music? Know what you snap your fingers too?!)

Other: The backing track on the song, is replayed sampling of 1982 "Straight to Hell" by The Clash, -- credited as * co-writers.

Additionally, this soundtrack is different from what I remember originally, mainstream first released, -- * not the gun shots w/cash reg as it clearly is now.

Note worthy: She was put on The US Homeland Security Risk List in *** 2006 due to her "risky lyrics". Anyone here on that list? Crazy

-- Too, with her, I guess I just love, little, angry brown women; ---- married one Wink They're sweet and cuddly, until you make'em mad... ... ... then your world will change quickly Crazy

Sri Lanka, off the southern tip of India, is not an easy place to live, where M.I.A. is from; among the many other places outside America that are, really, opressed.

Yes, the best songs are not "made up", they're channelled from a, "real"-life, lived "out of the box".

So, M.I.A. may/may not be, arguably, avandgarde, -- however her stuff encorporates many elements we practice "here" FAWM5090; so, seemed cogent to note now that this is over, the lights are out and doors locked 'till next year, -- who'd care anyway Smile But, weird lyrics, fused to a graphic and kitchen table recorded is not "new", so don't be so afraid to, just do it.

I agree; don't be afraid to experiment.
Just do it, whatever the final product might sound like.

I really don't consider MIA "avant-garde", though we could argue over genre pigeonholes all day long.