Pacific Northwest - Let's lump WA and OR together?

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Hi, Pearl Manhattan from Tacompton er Tacoma - about 40 miles south of Seattle -

It's weird how state lines mess with my mindset. I live in Portland, which is just across the Columbia from Washington, but I'm more likely to drive hours to southern or eastern Oregon than I am to cross the border. I sometimes think a visa might be required. I probably won't be doing much songwriting this summer...but who knows? The 5090 is really long and the songwriting bug will undoubtedly catch me at some point. (Regarding the PNW, don't forget our neighbors to the north, and some of those folks in Idaho)

Well, it appears that we could lump OR and WA together, and then add in ID and BC, and we still wouldn't have a music-making quorum around here this summer