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Tacoma WA


Still over here in the armpit of the Tri-Cities!


Heya!! Waves while jumping up and down......can you see me? almost? don't think we'll be crossing the passes this summer either, but you never know - we do have a state park pass and no schedule so who knows! I'll let ya know if we head that way!

I will be in the Seattle area three times before Sept. I'll let you know. Smile

Oh please do! Hopefully it won't be one of the 2 times I"m out of town between now and then LOL

Portland here! I've been in musical hibernation since FAWM and probably won't do much this summer. In fact, I'll been in England and Ireland for much of July.

Enjoy your travels!! I was supposed to go to England in October, but it won't be happening. Glad you're here

I'm not currently in Ashington, but I move to Walla Walla in early August!


Walla Walla! Woohoo!! Welcome!! I think I know where that is LOL Waves madly Smile

Walla Walla! Yeah! Finally someone close-ish. I'm in Kennewick, about an hour's drive west. Smile
What brings you this way @michaelwhitemusic?

@adnama17 got a job at Whitman as one of their Resident Directors starting mid-August!

Ahhh! How interesting that will be for you. Walla Walla is an interesting town. Lots of wine. Holler at me when you get here and maybe we could catch up with each other. The Tri-Cities is a musical frickin hole in the ground. I'm so bored!

Walla Walla is Kyle McLachlan's home town, isn't it? He runs the Pursued By Bear winery...

Ding! Ding! Ding! You are correct sir! I've never been though. All this wonderful wine over here, and I can't stand any if it. Blech.

I visited in April, seemed like the music was more acoustic or blues shows in restraunts and bars on the main strip, which is the same issue I had with the last place I lived as well as my hometown with little deviance. Hopefully during the school year, there can be a kinda rebel FAWMly