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Now we're coming to the end of the challenge. I'd like to hear of any other sites and groups people use. I've heard mentions of almost daily challenge sites and chat rooms but I don't know where they are.
Thanks in advance.

On Facebook, I do this 5 in 5 challenge. She runs it maybe 4 or 5 times a year https://www.facebook.com/groups/5in5songchallenge/?ref=bookmarks
[@tcelliot] does the Almost Daily Writing Prompt https://www.facebook.com/TheAlmostDailyWritingPrompt/ (also on Twitter)

I too am interested in places and sites to keep connected to others and challenges etc. Really going to miss this community after tomorrow Sad

One thing to ask of folks who post is why do they engage it, for how long, what specifically they get out of it.

Now, I realise most here are experienced adults, not "stupid", don't need advice of any kind; however, we all sometimes forget to qualify things authentically (giving/receiving). So, what can help, e.g., is comment what * you look for and is a deal breaker, or a reason to remain, so to speak.

As many or all know, ---- many of these "music" sites (other than may be listed here), "most" ? , can tend to otherwise be a "please click my song link", dump/spam/bait site -- which happens for various reasons, but usually not helpful, not even to them Crazy

So, to start that off if considered, and I realise it may not be, nonetheless, ---- I look for:

-- Authentic, feedback (like FAWM5090 -- not always typical of other places and we can get "spoiled", though can change every year since restarts every year; but a good thing too; FAWM5090 is "new" every session no one long ongoing thing; everyone restarts every year and an important element for -- me)

-- Meet people one can "safely" connect with, -- they are not unsafe in the so many ways that exist today (always keep you BS detectors full on Crazy )

-- Meet people you can learn from in a meaningful, authentic way, -- remember "online" you really don't ever know with whom you speak; there are many "snake oil" types, wolves in very good sheep clothing... I'd say, for example, as in "real life", it can take (2) two years minimum to get to know someone; and sometimes, the folks you think you may never be "online friends" with, can wind up being "friends" and the ones with whom you immediately think you made a connection with, will reveal itself as an issue at some point; -- so no rush

-- Remember, "this here" online is how to improve your craft, nothing else; it is not your "gonna make it big opportunity", generally speaking.

How would know? Good question,
---- I've been "online" since circa 1990, and pre-Browser days (and not that "old", not yet Wink but getting there Crazy ) and I only came to be * "here" approximately two years ago via a FaceBook "fyi". Although I've engaged music lifelong, 6 y.o., and cared at all to write anything circa 2005; all I can say is, take it slow and then take it to "real life" as quick as you can, -- get your lessons * offline as soon as possible; to get stuck online only is not a good thing (if you can avoid it, pending where you live and etc.). Here's another item to "vet" with, look at, read FaceBook pages (don't make yourself a target either)... -- now, this is a * generalisation, however, someone with 10,000 "friends", a member of a 10,000 "music groups, and all the rest (selling stuff) may either be your best resource if ever really "friended" (and they have time for you), -- or, it'll be something else not so useful for you. Again, -- there are folks who are wide open and if ever have the time (like the folks of FAWM5090), -- can and will help you allot; however, many are not, so just watch, wait, think Crazy (watch your personal information out there, the dark web is a real place)

-- All the best! This was a very good 5090.

There's a group on FB run by the likes of @Jibbidy34 and @wobbie wobbit called The SongWrite Inn (https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesongwriteinn/) which might be to your liking. Various songwriting challenges including the occasional collaborative event.

i agree with a summation of Ustaknow! most other groups are disapointing after this (excluding the ones listed here) ! I have copied this straight out of Fawm - it was written at the end under the title Post Fawm junkie groups!!!! so here it is (from Jibidy) Hi everyone! If like me in previous years you are dreading the pending FAWM withdrawals and the inevitable anticlimax (it's all ending - ahhhhhh!!!!) and 50/90 in July feels too far away (what am I going to do without it?!?) Rest assured that there are plenty of other online clubs and communities where you can get your songwriting 'fix' run by fellow FAWMers (if there are some I don't know about, please please big them up here!)

First off there is the post FAWM 'Album Production Challenge' run by @johnstaples, @tcelliott and @mikeskliar This was first borne post 50/90 and challenges you to make an album in 2 months out of your FAWM material (with everyone else there supporting and guiding you with mixing and DAW advice). It starts on March 1st and runs to May 1st. Search up Album Production Challenge on Facebook and ask to join!

Next up is 'Song Skirmish' run by @brownium @metalfoot @acousticmaddie @andygetch to name a few. This follows the skirmish format of a prompt a week written and posted in an hour BUT you can choose when you do it. There is a facebook group as well as a website: it's Song Skirmish on FB or go to http://songskirmish.com/

Then there's GYAWS or 'Get Your Ass Writing Songs!' run by @ajna1960. There is a prompt a week agreed on by members poll which we all write to - no critiquing - and post by the deadline. Amanda makes a podcast of all the songs in a particular theme. She has already posted a topic about joining here: http://fawm.org/forums/topic/8358/

@tcelliott runs 'The Almost Daily Writing Prompt' which does what it says on the tin - gives you a daily writing prompt! Useful if you are stuck for ideas! On Facebook search up The Almost Daily Writing Prompt

then it goes on Nashville based songwriter Sarah Spencer runs the '5in5 Songwriting Challenge' several times a year - or write 5 songs in 5 days (next one will be April 2-6). Prompts are given daily and you post them in the group with the support of everyone else taking part. Look for 5 in 5 on FB.

@Jibbidy34 (me) and @wobbiewobbit run 'The SongWrite Inn' Facebook group with @songwritingzen and a few others using writing games, weekly prompts and online events to inspire and provide a community for songwriters. We'd love to have you join us! It's a closed group on Facebook, just search up The SongWrite Inn FAWM also has it's own Facebook group which most of you are already aware of! But for any newbies it's here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fawmers/

Ten Andy Getch posted There are other writing challenges I have used for songwriting. National Novel Writing Month in November https://nanowrimo.org and Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July https://campnanowrimo.org/sign_in where rather than just write a novel for the word count, I use writing to generate song ideas and a few short stories may pop out.
Lyric writers may be interested in the National Poetry Writing Month in April http://www.napowrimo.net which has a prompt a day. I have also used this challenge to generate song ideas.

then @vomvorton Feb 27
Songfight is worth a mention too: http://songfight.org/ - a new title every ten days or so, people write a song to that title and vote for a winner. Slightly more critical than FAWM as people are choosing favourites but I've been taking part for a good chunk of the last year and have found it excellent motivation, especially when there aren't other challenges going on. A few other familiar FAWM names there too.

i personally do the FB song skirmishes mentioned above (ive even been a prompter there), I love The songwrite Inn and I also do GYAWS. I did do song fancy 5-5 but in my opinion its only good if you need motivation - you get no real feedback but its might motivate some to write. 1 lesser one i do and i have not seen anyone from here on is called The fearless song challenge its an FB page run by a guy called Timmy Riordan. They have a 7 day challenge every couple of months and they are a nice supportive crowd and Timmy comes up with some good ideas on how to play around with the songs at the end!!! I tried maybe a dozen other groups and as Ustaknow says they were please like my song!!!! hope that all helps

Wow... I feel like I've opened the wardrobe and found a whole new civilisation waiting for me. Thanks, it's all very useful.

There is a completely separate community at songcrafters.org which is cool. But a little different. There is a forum to post a song and then people reply via message board reply. It works okay. And there are some damn fine people over there. But it's different and a little slower than here or fawm.org.

A site I can recommend is musesongwriters.com. It's been going for a number of years, and has an active core group, and always a lot of people coming through. There's a very active lyric and song critique section, as well as monthly contests (for both lyrics and songs). Lately, there've been collaboration contests as well. Once a large enough number of people have indicated interest, lyricists and musicians are matched up with each other, and the goal is to create a song having a particular theme, or structure, or whatever. It can get pretty exciting. Wink