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The last year and a half about half of the songs I have written have been based on themes. Not necessarily a concept album, but I found that theme based writing helps with focusing title ideas and direction. For me alot of the themes have been personal so all of that self-exploration has required deep diving. I'm not finished so this 5090 I will be writing more about relationships and I feel like there are still gaps from past themes. How about you? Are there any organizing concepts for you in 50/90 2017?

Still chewing on that. I'm expecting to be out of commission for the first 3 weeks of 50/90 (family vacation) so... I have time. But it helps me to write songs if I have a reason/purpose/point, for sure!

As you define it, -- in that for me, it's all "theme" based.

All of it is "relationship" driven, -- human action, reaction, interaction based with a void obstruction to understand. :p

None, yet. I've really been enjoying my output of late. Staying busy with Songfight!, Nur Ein and GYAWS. Interesting way to go about songwriting, only going from prompts, but it's working for me right now.

@metalfoot I'm sure you'll come up with many somethings musical
@nutation LOL yes perception as translated through song is in relationship to everything else. To narrow the topic, perhaps songs about a particular relationship with a specific human or group of humans.
@tcelliott Whatever works brother! The prompts help narrow the realm of possibilities. A prompt within a theme narrows possibilities even further or takes me down some interesting paths that may not have been otherwise contemplated in a title/idea list.

Hey Andy Smile ... that's how I "heard" it, as you wrote. :p

Much of what my musical brain chews on is, "krappe I just don't understand", --stuff.

In that stuff, the "more I explain, the less clear I am", so comes out as it does. Even, in my music, I try to tend toward not explaining to much since turns into a "book" no one wants to read about, "tltr", and so, isn't.

I am always concerned with "onlineguage" being misunderstood. I try my best though. "Here", that seems as folks see that.

But see, here I teeter on the edge of tltr :p

I saw this thread and thought, ooh thats a good one I need to go comment, then saw not only had I commented, I started it Smile @nutation yeah, I also am still working towards understanding. I have read that words are only about seven percent of the entire message.

I wish I knew why there is such a divide for some, not all, concerning literal lyrics, and/vs abstract.

How many "hit" writers say, no sense to it just rhymed so wrote it... I guess the answer is "blowing in the wind" Smile

I remember being very young, reading lyrics ala ~70 ish... - 80s... saying, what ? ... and just focused on the music anyway. I always heard, e.g. Stairway to Heaven, as the words as Notes, and Section Indicators of the next "movement", so to speak. Another from then, Jimi Hendrix... I never threaded, even, Hey Joe... Purple Haze...

I never cared about, e.g., even, Hymns (wierd I know :p ) ... I take em line by line with the music to facilitate as container to say them. Oh well... so many.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds... all... Smile

I've gone with a broader theme or concept before. My "3in10" challenge naturally leads to sets of three songs with a common theme.

There's a lot of variation in terms of what I want to gain from 50/90.

Sometimes I'm looking for nice solid themes. "Holiday Carols" was a theme one year. (I need to wrap those up and release them, as some of the Halloween carols were particularly fun.)

Sometimes I'm looking to experiment and grow as a songwriter. That's what FAWM was about this past year, and that's also what I'm looking at for 50/90.

I want to experiment with some album-a-day stuff. I also want to experiment with video recording some of my improvisations live.

There will be room for smaller concepts/themes, (I think of them as "singles with B sides and a bonus track"), but my goal this year is more about process and skill growth than about a theme or concept.

I just heard one of my Halloween tunes yesterday, the name of the track is, "Jerry's Scary Halloween 2012". That track features Halloween music (replayed in 2012) that I wrote back around October 31, 1997. I sampled some pretty scary movie effects with my original music. I've never talked about it in here because Halloween is in the offseason for both challenges. Anyway, I do that annually. Christmas songs? I use to but my spirit is usually down now with the passing of both of my parents. Maybe again, I don't know. I usually always cover, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".