Orchestral? Modern Classical? Movie Music?

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So, I won't have a ton of opportunities to record guitars in the near future, but I have the Garritan Orchestra and while I am as untutored as it gets with that sort of music, I do like messing with it, and am probably going to embarrass myself by doing that sort of thing for at least a part of this 50/90. Whatever I do comes out like songs without words anyway. Smile I've never really noticed how many people here do "modern classical" or orchestral or movie music or whatever it is. Just the other day I realized that @Ianuarius uses Garritan, to amazing effect naturally! He's the only one I've noticed so far. Anyone else doing anything like this?

I drive a bunch of soft synths with a guitar equipped with a MIDI pickup and have been known to make the odd classical noise. Wink
Film music and classical pieces are among my big influences anyway.

I don't think my stuff qualifies as modern classical, but I definitely think of it as movie music...cult, B-movies though.

@Dragondreams, I can totally hear that in your music! Smile @Mosley, no doubt! The best kind of movie music!

I do game music, and sometimes it's modern game music, and sometimes that means orchestral stuff. Biggrin

Wouldn't quite classify it as "classical" but it certainly falls under soundtrack.

I did utilize GPO4 with my first song a bit.

The synth is very nice. I wouldn't say it's easy to use, but helps a bunch when you need that very specific thing.

Most of my quieter instrumental stuff is neoclassical. And it's almost always Garritan running. Including the piano. I could never afford the bigger orchestral patches although it's now possible to cloud-rent them; but Garritan comes close.

I think my music is modern classical or neoclassical or something along classical lines, could be movie music, could be games music. So far, it's in my dreams...

For FAWM I had a go at some orchestral stuff and completed a quartet of octets. It's quite likely that I'll venture into similar territory over the next few months.

A quartet of octets! I'm not good at math, @atitlan Smile Thank you for your responses, all! Having never done much like this I figure this is the community for it. Biggrin

I don't do 'classical' per se, but I have East West Gold and Hollywood Symphonic Orchestra plus Choirs, synths, etc. I write library music most of the time, for 50-90 I'm going to write a movie score for an imaginary epic film, for fun and education hehe. That's the plan but.. you never know, really lol.

I posted two songs that I have written in the last couple days for possible use in a vegan education video as background music. I used my Korg Pax3. I am still learning so these songs might not be pro enough.

I've always done a little. This year I want to work on improving my orchestration abilities because I just recently got Logic. I'd like to do soundtracks for some of my friends small projects.

My first song this year is instrumental/orchestral using logic and my Artiphon.