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So in past years, I've started or participated in threads about the virtues and vices of writing "political" or topical songs, something I do sometimes (not all the time, but sometimes)... and rather then start that 'debate' again, and given the crazy state of the world, I thought we all could use some positivity. (NOt that the 'protest' songs shouldn't be written, of course)

so this is a challenge to find something to be optimistic about, and write and sing about it!

here's mine -- 'cave in thailand'


OK, -- I'm going to keep this in mind; great idea.


This is my eco friendly song.

When I did the "Your Country" skirmish, I specifically spun my song so as to be optimistic. I feel it may already qualify.

It's "about the world" very generally, though, and not about anything specific.


nice, keep em coming! Smile

Excellent challenge. Will do this.


I can't do completely positive, I guess. Smile

Submitted to this, I guess:
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

nice, everyone! of course, after writing an optimistic one or two, i went back (in the song I just posted) to being pessimistic and bleak, ha! maybe an 'every third one happy' would work?

Here’s my optimistic tune, enjoy. Smile

After rather a lot of sad tunes this challenge helped me create something positive for a change.
Thank you Mike.

and this new one is optimistic in content, plus the circumstances are sorta dramatic-optimistic (see liner notes)