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In another thread five people showed interest in a corpse, so here is the thread for an open-production one, because then people can do any sort of production whatsoever on their piece...

Participants -
Stitcher - @marvsmooth
1. @metalfoot - done
2. @standup - done
3. @kahlo2013 - done
4. @sph - done
5. @Mt.Mélodie - done
6. @Rob From Amersfoort - in progress
7. @marvsmooth - in wait

If more interest is shown, then it could become a six person piece, and even another one could be started!

I'm interested as long as this actually gets stitched and posted

Thanks Martin! I look forward to it!!!!!

Alright, let's see how this goes...

Mt Melodie,
When marvsmooth sets up a corpse, it gets done. Smile I'll be putting my chunk together this morning, hopefully.

You're added @Mt.Mélodie

So I haven't done an exquisite corpse before. Open Production? OK, I can do whatever I want? Were there limitations on other corpses?

I know the basics, I get a 10-second clip of Metalfoot's music, and I build my clip to follow that, in whatever way I want.

What else should I know?

@standup make 1 min or so of music, send the whole track to @marvsmooth and the last 10 seconds to the next person. Maybe include the lyrics (if any) you sing on those 10 seconds.

Thanks for adding me Marvsmooth

Ah, an open EC, now we're talking. If there is time left you can count me in. I'll have time to participate until September 31 (I go on holiday October 1st).

My part is done and the 10 s duly forwarded to @standup.

I had inspiration and a couple hours, so my snippet has been sent to @Kahlo2013. I'll send the whole piece to @Marvsmooth most likely tonight.

@Rob From Amersfoort - if there's more interest, then you and me can be part of another one rather than make this an eight person jam?

Have I got two pieces to download then Alex (@metalfoot)? I've seen Eric's (@standup) in my email feed.

dropped it on your wall,marv, in a hidden post

Thanks Alex, I've spotted it!

Got the first two pieces downloaded!

Okay! I sent you an MP3 Martin via email and Barry I sent you ~10 sec of the end of my segment via your email contact at 5090 and also put the link on your soundboard. Have fun!!!!

Okey cool stuff, I will try to do something tomorrow!

So far we seem to be moving along efficiently...

Okay. It might be another day or two now...

Got all the three pieces received thus far stitched together. Thank you Smile

Ah sorry, drop me out of this one. Now is not the best time, I don't want to make this run forever. This is pretty typical of me...

@Barry Goldman - I'm sorry to hear that.

@kahlo2013 - could you send the ten seconds to @sph please?

@Rob From Amersfoort - I've placed yourself and myself at the tail end of this to make it a seven person EC!

Just got home from work to find I needed to send my section to @sph - sent via email and soundboard message. Looking forward to hearing it! How's it sounding so far @marvsmooth?

I shouldn't have listened, but I couldn't help it... It sounds brilliant so far!

Anybody heard from sph?

I haven't received anything from him yet

sph's picture

I'm working on the words. If I can't come up with anything useful you'll get the instrumental version tomorrow.

@sph I wont be able to do anything before sunday evening anyway, busy playing several gigs this weekend.

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Ok, sent the last section to @Mt.Mélodie and the full contribution to @marvsmooth

Awesome! Just three legs to go!

I know, 50/90 is almost over and we're close to getting this wrapped up...

@Rob From Amersfoort you're it, posted a link on yout page to my last 10 sec's
if he for some reason can't finish it here's a link fot my last 10 sec
sending my full part to @marvsmooth tomorrow

Thanks! I'll start working on it immediately.

Got all of the parts in place so far. Just Rob & then myself to go. What I do depends on time, as everything has during this year's 5090 - the lack thereof!

Finished! I've posted a link with the last 10 sec on @marvsmooth page, and send him my segment + lyrics + proposed transition.

Getting excited!!!!

I've started writing the finale...

Rob's sent the write segment lyrics but the full lyrics he sent in the email are wrong.

Now to find the time!

@marvsmooth I've sent you the lyrics for my own segment only. Let me know if something is not clear Scratch one-s head

I finish this shift at 5am and am getting up 10am to get this recorded and pieced together. It might well be my last writing/recording for 50/90

@SimonWaldram wrote lyrics and provided a vocal for the ending music that I wrote, and here is the complete corpse;

sph's picture

@marvsmooth Big thank you to you for putting everything together. Will download it and listen to it now

@marvsmooth - thank you so so much for you expert organizing and stitching!!! Much appreciated!!!