Only Weekend of Fall 2016 in 50/90

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Who "needs some" or "wants to" provide help, encouragement, collab, to get more songs posted, maybe to reach a goal. Let's write like its the only weekend of fall 2016 in 5090? I fall in the "wants to" category.

Got one in the oven now. Smile

I need to get a lot of vocals recorded this weekend, as soon as I get the proper cord for the new microphone...nothing more frustrating than buying a new mic then forgetting to buy the cord......but I'll be here most the weekend....I"m always here.....they won't let me loiter at the music store anymore.

I'm fighting a cold, but I am determined to write and post my final two songs this weekend. Wish me luck. I'm so glad I hit the finish line early in FAWM because I had laryngitis for three weeks at the end. I'm glad this is only a runny nose and a tickly throat this time around.

@colgoo almost there, and remember, only the new song posting feature gets deactivated on Oct 1. One you have a title posting, you can go back and edit or add to it. [@brrrse] "loiter at the music store" cool line for a song Smile . @JamKar Here we go!