One of my online accounts has been hacked

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Hello all
I got a lovely email this morning giving me my email address and a password that I sometimes use. The email said I had been visiting adult websites with this password and if I dont send 1,000 or (maybe even 1,000,000 I can’t remember because I deleted the email) bitcoin to a certain address they will send out a video of me enjoying these adult sites. Plueease!!!

But on the off-chance that they have managed to get any email addresses from my computer please don’t open any email you get from “me” over the next couple of weeks with an attachment.


It is a quite common recent phishing scam. They DO have your password from various data breaches so if you still use it you should change it immediately! But they don't have any video and all the rest is just a BS threat being sent to thousands or maybe millions of people. And there are probably a few who will send them money so they will do OK with the scam. They wanted $3,000 from me and had a password from about 10 years ago!

Thanks John

What John said. Also here's an article from about it:
"Sextortion Scam Uses Recipient’s Hacked Passwords"

"Sextortion" sounds like a distortion pedal that's maybe too dirty to use for guitar.

@airbagtester I wanna try that pedal!!!