One-fifth of the way through - how are you doing?

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July 21 is the 18th day of 50/90 - so depending on time zone, we're all more or less one fifth of the way into it. So 5 times your current output of songs and comments given would be a projection of where you'll be at the end. (There - I did some math for you!)
I've posted 12 songs, and I just gave my 60th comment, so I am on my exact pace as last year - 60 songs and 300 comments given. I suppose I'm on pace for 300+ comments, since I'll hang around at least a week after Oct 1 to listen and comment.
(Side note - I was just going through my old files and I found a really great song I did back in 50/90 2016. I had completely forgotten about it. Made me question why I'm writing new songs, when revisiting old ones might be just as rewarding. But I'll keep on keeping on this year until at least 50, like I always do.)

I have 5 songs posted so I'm on pace for 25. Which honestly for me if probably a good thing. I tend to focus on quantity more than quality for things like this or FAWM. I'm trying to focus more energy into quality and honing a specific production style. So I guess my goals are different for this right now. But I'm very happy with what I have so far so there's that..

I've got 7 songs. That's half my normal rate, but I think I'm writing better lyrics and making better demos.

I'm also going through old songs. I have hundreds without demos. Some need better choruses, or severe editing of the lyrics. Others need to be abandoned. Others are fragments and need to be expanded into complete songs. It's been a good learning experience.

I posted song number 9 today, and have written the lyrics for number 10, so it just needs chords, and a melody, and a practice. I think that means I should be on track for 50. I'm quite enjoying the songs I'm writing at the moment, not because they are necessarily particularly good songs,but because it's pushing me in a direction I'm quite keen to move in. So I'll probably write them while I'm enjoying it, rather than try to hit 50 for the sake of it.

I've done 77 comments, so I'm on track for a reasonable number. It seems quite quiet, but people seem to be steadily writing songs.

Well I'm not making it like last year, I can tell that. This year is a different pace for my music anyway, I'm just making songs as normal while also posting them on here kind of thing. But I only have 2 days in the week where I can record since you know I get the drums going and everything which I can't just do at any given time, so I try to maximize my time and make atleast 2-4 songs a week if I can. I've been trying 4 a week for this, I missed week 1 being in Kansas so that threw things off a bit also!

Posted song 14 last night, and I'm around 200 comments... So 70 songs and 1000 comments by the end at this pace! Smile Although to be honest, the first 11 songs were made in a frenzy of enthusiasm, but for the last week, I haven't really been feeling inspired, and the whole, "50/90 just started!" buzz is wearing off...

That's always a problem for me, actually. I lose momentum too easily. Hopefully I'll still hit 50 songs, though. Smile

26 Songs posted through 17 days. What is that a 130 song pace? Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

However, due to computer issues I'm recording G&G style and it's paying off huge dividends. (Guy and Guitar, dulcimer or what have you.) I've gotten a couple of songs I really like and none of them are pure crap... that I can remember. So, I'm writing faster than usual and happier with the results than usual. *knock on wood* Yes, the mostly one take, room recordings aren't the easiest to listen to. And yes, I'm way off pitch more often than I'd like to admit. But the creativity can't be beat. I think there is a lesson for me to learn there. I can always record the ones I like best afterwards, right?

Edit to add: I've broken 200 comments as well. So that's 1000 comments at this pace. Yeah, that's not gonna happen either.

One song posted! Any my collaborator did most of the creative stuff. I think maybe my brain is waiting for August for some reason.

17 songs, 70 comments. x 5 is 85 songs and 350 comments - which is well within my abilities, however life can be unpredictable. I may reach 50 songs and stop. I'm not pressuring myself to create as much as I'm letting the music and comments meander out in their own time.

I have four songs and then one that I only need to add one more line of lyrics to and then it's done. So I should have ten by now but I have five, which I'm fine with. I think my rate of completing songs will increase as I get closer to the deadline too, maybe I can end up with like 30.

Just posted my 4th song today, which puts me way behind where I wanted to be. That said...all four have been performed "live" and video recorded; no tracking.
I "only" completed 25 last year, but I've learned that ANY new song is a success, so I'm gonna keep pushing, see where I can pick up the pace a little, and just enjoy everything about 50/90 and FAWM like I always do!

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Right now I'm kinda sucking at 50/90 - but that's because work/life balance is a hat trick. I intend to get my trophy, though.

42 songs x 5 = 210 (technically 5 are double posted after collabs, so 37 x 5 = 185).
112 comments x 5 = 560 comments
Sounds reasonable lol

16 songs uploaded, 1 song to be approved by collaborator and about 5 more on the go in various stages of development (I like to work in chunks). I'm endeavouring to get my comments count up from last year but all in all, having a blast Smile

Figured I'd tally it up for how many minutes of music I've made...

I have 7 piano songs for 31 minutes, and 8 electronica songs for 16 minutes. Nearly an entire album all up, but actually half a piano album and 1/3 or 1/4 of an electronica album. (Based on the rough estimate of an hour per album, which I know not everyone agrees with.) So if we're 1/5 through 50/90, I can hope for maybe 4 albums fully done? Just about?

Sounds good to me. Smile

At 12 songs but there are two collabs one written not recorded, one recorded, not written (umm). I would like to get the 50 as I've only done it once before. And 500 comments (=600 songs listened) . Challenge for me is episodicity (?) (a sod of a word?) where there _will_ be more gaps chewing entire fortnights out. We'll see. It does seem quieter though!

3 that are me and one where Spirulence used a brief sample from one of my songs and gifted me a collab. I'm aiming for 25 and am slightly off that pace, but have a few days off at the beginning of August where I expect to add a few songs close together.

Terrible! Only have 5 up so far. 3 in the hopper that just won't get poppin!

Pretty poor in some respects, but stunning in that we've managed any at all. As a band we only get to write together when the stars align. And our guitarist is having to sort a few family issues out so that is also having an impact on our creative time. Still. Two ain't shabby for a new band and new participants. Smile

I'm in a familiar pattern. I've posted a few songs but I'm now working on around 8 different ones all in in different stages of completion. They are starting to weigh on me and so I really need to stop doing new ones and get these other songs finished. Apart from that I'm really enjoying things so far and have found some inspiring music on this site.

Interesting to read all the posts here. You have to have a different attitude/approach toward this challenge than you do for FAWM - I think a lot of these responses show that.
I like that it's a smaller community for 50/90 - takes a certain kind of person to even consider such a long-haul challenge. Keep on keeping on!

July 21 I had six songs, mostly collabs, mostly "full" productions. Now I've started to post lyrics-onlys just so I won't fall too far behind. I have more than six collabs with lyricists ready, they all need a demo. It's always the demo. I use too much time on those.

This year I started with a strong determination to at least try to get to 50. But the ridiculously hot weather in Helsinki Rock City has taken its toll.

I've given about 90 comments. I can keep that up through August but not in September when my work starts again. Still, I'm very optimistic. I just need to change my ways completely. Easy peasy. Smile

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Four songs... but if I pick up the pace I might be able to do a half-marathon this year, which would make me happy. At least I am working on things steadily and I'm happy with everything I've written so far. In any case, I don't pressure myself on the pace for 50/90 the same way as for FAWM--too much other fun stuff to do in the summertime Smile

To be honest, I've been very far behind. I've only got about 3 pieces up at the moment, and I've commented on 0 songs. I'm still commenting on songs from FAWM here and there (and checking for new posts on my soundboard over there, which practically never happen). I haven't been motivated very much lately, which is a complete contrast to my output from this year's FAWM (as well as last year's 50/90 and FAWM).

4 down. Way behind pace just as I was with FAWM this year but managed a last minute dash to the end with that, so I live in hope.

When I started this thread, I put the math in there because that kind of thing interests me. If I do a challenge of any kind, I like to stay ahead of whatever the pace may be - that's how I am. Like right now, I'm doing a yearlong online challenge to run 1018 km (about 630 miles). My goal is 60 miles a month so that I'm finished by about mid November. I'm about 10 miles behind that pace now, but I know I have extra weeks at the end of the year if needed. Or I could make my goal more! (I do that with 50/90 - my goal is usually 50 solo demos and then some collabs - I've never stopped at 50 total and I think my high is 67.)
But I hope no one looks at the first post and gets discouraged or even quits. Maybe make August AAWM and/or September SAWM to get motivated. But keep doing what you can do and if possible stick around til Oct 1 no matter what your output.
I took the day off 50/90 yesterday - some serious business things came up. I may have to do that tomorrow, too. One thing I have to avoid is taking a day off and then losing momentum for the next day.

I've got 7 done...not particularly thrilled with them...I never try for 50...maybe I'll do more...maybe not!

Finishing up my 11th song today with 3 more in the oven. I seem to lose steam around 20 songs in, but this year I am gosh dammit determined to get to 50. So at this rate I should get there! Biggrin

I had a weeklong vacation, and I've still not got my head back in the game. But, I made something like 20 cover photos on my phone during the vacation, so I guess I have 20 more albums in the hopper? (I know some people do music-first, and others do lyrics-first, but I'm known to do album-art first.)

I might still be on track for finishing 50/90 on time? I've only posted 19 so far.

Technically, I'm sitting on a bunch I want to polish more, or maybe not post to 50/90 at all to try to keep my numbers down. At some point, I'll probably go all-in for the 60:30:10 rule and only post 10% of the songs I make. We'll see if that happens before or after I attempt 50/90 Squared.

Things are kind of a mess for me right now, so I have no idea what's happening. Considering the number of times I've hit 50 songs in February, it seems unlikely I'd miss.