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Welcome to 50/90 2016.

If you're wondering where the 2015 pages and songs went, they have been moved to an archive site here: http://archive2015.fawmers.com

The site is basically the same as last year. A few bug tweaks here and there. Here's what else is going on:

New Features:

AJAX Commenting should work on Songs now. This means that you can comment on the song without the song stopping.

Lyric Chords - Add chords in [ch] format in the Lyric field and they will convert to a pretty format. Example of formatting [Em], [Dsus4] [G]

Song Commenter tracking - I'm working on a function that will show you a list of all the comments on your songs grouped by who left them. This will hopefully help you track who is commenting on your songs so that you can reciprocate, if desired. (This feature is a "maybe", and will likely get rolled after posting has opened up.)

As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions.

Thanks so much @Eric Distad!!! Keeping the archive is such a wonderful feature (I wish FAWM did that too!!!)

And the new Song Commenter feature sounds excellent!!! If possible, could you just add a simple counter that also shows me how many comments I have left for them? Then I could plan my commenting/reciprocating all from this one screen!!!

Thanks, Eric!

Thanks @Eric Distad! Those new features sound great.

Nice work on the new features - I can see the chords and song commenter features being really popular.

Thanks for al that you do to keep this running!!

Thank you Eric Smile

Thanks Eric that sounds good, I'll have to try out the chord in the lyric thingy.

Many thanks, Eric!

Love your work, Eric.

Awesome, thanks!

Eric the Hero! Actually, that's true, you know. At some point 5090 is going to get credits in teh classical/operatic scene. If I live so long. Workshops start November, Deus Vult.

On the archive2015 site, I noticed that "Archive" link references http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/print/archive -- instead of the archive2015 URL. (Though http://archive2015.fawmers.com/print/archive appears to work fine.)

@yam655 - well spotted! It's fixed now.

Thanks these archives are useful
Russ Pleasantry

You can get 2011, 2013, 2014 and of course 2015 by putting in the appropriate year. Is 2012 out there somewhere as well? Just wondering. Thanks @Eric Distad

http://archive2011.fawmers.com/ works
http://archive2012.fawmers.com/ doesn't work
http://archive2013.fawmers.com/ works
http://archive2014.fawmers.com/ works
http://archive2015.fawmers.com/ works

@tcelliott - try http://archive2012.fawmers.org/ I should probably move it to fawmers.com for consistency as well as to free up disk space on the .org server.

Sweet! Thanks!

OK - If anyone would like to test the comment tracker test page - go here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/commenttrack I know @johnstaples was interested in this. Please take a look and let me know what you think.