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hey guys I was wondering is it possible
to get the 5090's from the past
so you can get to lyrics you did back then
to look through them, and so on

Thanx for any help guys


The short answer is no, you can't. The longer answer is... there were archives of the past few years but a problem developed and the staff had to take them down. You can find last year here: http://archive.fawmers.org/ But there seems to be an error. @Eric Distad would probably be the one to let us know if there is any other on site options.

Alternately you can try the wayback machine. It kind of does a poor job of trying to keep copies of the internet around. So I've had limited success (and a ton of failure) at finding certain things using it: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/

hey tcelliott

thank you so so much for your help
I'm gonna try the links you posted
it's sad we can't go back and see the things we did yester year

thank you thank you

enjoy this years 5090


hey tcelliott

thank you so so much for your help
I'm gonna try the links you posted
it's sad we can't go back and see the things we did yester year

thank you thank you

enjoy this years 5090


Hey @benjo - sorry for your trouble.

Here’s something, if you cared too, host a thread about how folks “work”. So, like me, ? don’t do backups or archives Wink — my method is to always be ready.

Here’s what all you might see in a thread like that if did it:

So i write on envelopes, rarely speak a note into my phone, and mostly type very *very fast thumb or qwerty into text writer, texts, or onto for example a work social media account that only I see.

Since a browser is up on any platform today, the private social media acct is always there. So for 5090 posted 5090 Starts Here or Ends and there they are to go back to, to do, delete, develop.

But then I try to Email them back to myself on multiple accounts so there on varying platforms so there’s two “backup” via redundancy methods.

Then, I try to develop-develop, musicate in my book if they get that far so don’t have to much clean up work later. And then, there’s the (my) BandCamp post which has the music, about, and Lyrics. I also have a paper copy at book work when done.

Old tracks got a copy an paste dump or save as jpeg so the old tracks have *everything, if even ugly as “lyrics” Smile for folks to follow.

I don’t have the luxury of a “writing” time, and get ideas while driving, — how many times I looped a thought and lost a few Smile (Never Text and drive!!) Wink

So that’s just a generalized summary there. The social media private thing for “work” only really got me “organized” in that I didn’t loose potential work. I found too that allot sounded good in my head, but got — not developed for some good reason. But heck, if even one or two out of the many of flow of thought—well it’s a method I don’t have to plan or maintain since is a passion, not a “job”.

So, looking forward to better times! Smile

Hey ustaknow

Thank you so much for your time and effort
in getting back to me on this topic
I know I shouldn't assum but I did that
the 5090 platform, would just always be there
to go back into and go over the things been done
the ideas you put forward are great ideas snd
I will look into making copies of some sort




Heya @benjo, I am so very sorry for your loss. As a fellow lyricist, I can empathise and understand.
For myself, I use Tunesmith to write, and keep a record of, my lyrics. Also sometimes MasterWriter if I am not at my desk, and this one is online 'in the cloud', whereas Tunesmith is stored on my PC hardrive.
On top of all that, every few days I do a hard copy back up to an independant (Seagate) hardrive of my entire PC files.
And (when I remember) I also back up to the cloud on a friend's server. But I haven't remembered to do that in a long time Sad
Hope this helps.

By the way, Tunesmith comes free with RhymeGenie, an extensive and very practical rhyming dictionary. It's not expensive, and as you get Tunesmith free , it has been more than worth the one off cost.

HEY Amanda

thank you so much for your very generous information
and the tips, I will have to look into these especially the rhymegenie
it is so difficult to keep everything,
I have an old laptop that is full of lyrics and I can't get it to work properly
I'll have to get it looked at,
I'm even considering my own web site just to keep them on
and then I can also show them off too



I too keep copies of everything both on my desktop and back up to a seperate hard drive weekly. Also I must have been lucky after my first FAWM somebody told me to use the Archive function and take a copy (which is easy -just a pdf) at the end and you have a record of everything. Your songs, comment the lot.

So sorry for late reply



I was looking for some lyrics I wrote last year. I managed to lose my soft copy versions, my hard copy versions, the archive doesn't work, and the Wayback Machine doesn't have the lyric pages. I guess I'll try other versions of the Wayback. When I have time.

To be fair, I was looking at the wrong writing journals. I may still have the hard copy.

Hard copy? Nope. I checked the right one. I guess I wasn't printing out hard copy last year, so only have lyrics that I hand-wrote on scraps of paper.
Wayback: There's an option to search for all instances of a file. It didn't find it.
So back to a slog through multiple Dropbox, Drive, iCloud & Doc files on multiple devices.

MORE EDIT: @Eric Distad I saw the other thread. Don't want to revive it, since it's dead. I realized today I didn't print off my lyrics last year. I'm most wanting the "Vampirates of Vancouver" lyrics Especially 35018 "Betrayal", 35153 "Vampirates Song 10" 35301 "...And a Funeral [Try 2]" and 35372 "Endier of the Endiest"

YET MORE EDIT: I wrote the songs in September. I was writing demos in December. I found hard copy printout for the songs [except Endier...] in my December writing journal pages. Smile I'm so happy.

@benjo Been around since 2007 on FAWM and 2009 on 5090 and like you I originally felt things would be around forever so i wasn't so hooked on archiving. So i lost a lot of the early stuff (not the recordings, but notes, people's comments and so on). Like @Amanda West and @ustaknow I do use a mix of notebooks, scrap paper, word processore, manuscript paper, MIDI, direct notation on screen, the lot. Things that save my life: the little 1GB USB drives for backup. Not any actual backup program, just a simple "copy everything". And the other is at the end of FAWM or 5090, I download the "archive", also download my soundboard and profile page, and print the lot out. It's hugely easier for me to flip through the equivalent of a magazine or binder than relocate something 10 years old online or on the computer.

hey guys,

iVEG, oh wow you been through it there, just so happy for you to get a result in the end
it is a horrible feeling when you do something and then realise later it's gone, never to be seen again
yet you know it's out there somewhere, thanks so much for your information, lessons learned
and well done you for the detective work and sorting that one out

Tim Fatchen, yeah Tim I just took it for granted that once 5090 / Fawm was done,
you would just always be able to go back in and out when you like
I was devastated to find you can't after a spell,
I have a couple of bands and singers that I send a link of Fawm & 5090 to
and then they go through my lyrics to see if they will use any of them
luckily enough they do seem to get what they want,
but I often wonder, what if they want to go back and look again, but they can't
so I now know I need to keep my work in other ways, I am working on a web page
of my own to keep everything there in one place,
I also use songbay, at a cost of £10 a month and they do promote the lyrics
I suppose at least now I am aware that it's up to me to keep my stuff where I can find it
thank you so much for your help and advice, I've learned so much from you guys

thank you all