Old Brown Shoe

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It was suggested that Old Brown Shoe could be included as part of the Abbey Road covers for Rocktober this year. Here is my version. I'd never played it before and added a slide guitar part in standard tuning as something that George Harrison might have done at some point. What a tricky song this is! There are so many subtle parts (at least in my opinion) my version is full of mistakes but I hope it sounds good enough. Listening to the original makes me appreciate just how good the Beatles were as musicians, for example the drumming is excellent. (unlike mine!!!)




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You did well in just learning and arranging the song! Always thought this was a great, underrated song

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unique blend of raggy piano and slide guitar fronted with a vocal in the randy newman style. love the way the arrangement is held together while going off in different directions.

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I'd forgotten about this song! I love your version - I can imagine myself in a tavern digging you and your band playing this one. Nice slide!

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Yeah, this is perhaps my favourite Beatles tune.
I agree; Ringo's drumming on the original is mighty fine.
Great approach here; kinda like the original, but with your own unique twist.
Nice slide work.
I'm liking your approach; your version sounds like it's going to fly apart at any minute (yes, that's a compliment).
Good interpretation of the little guitar solo there.
All around fabulous!

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Yeah, they got really good towards the end, esp. George with those dim chords and what else. You got the original feeling with some urgent vibe. Maybe it's in those drums after all! Lol

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Oh yes, such a good song. The bass, the drums, the slide guitar, the composition ... I like that you kept all the parts true to the original. Respect for playing all instruments.

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nice choice! it is a very tough song to do, I like your version. You give it a slightly different rhythmic feel and that slide was a great choice..