OK Who's Up for a Collab with Me ?

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Looking for cowriters for 50/90, and outside if we both agree.

Knock me up if you're interested Give rose

Hi Amanda, I'm always happy to collaborate with you.


("Knock me up" has a slightly different meaning in N America than in Britain/Ireland but I understand what you mean...)

Alway up for collaborations and co-writes!

I'd be in!

Do you want metal growl vocals at all? Biggrin

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Did not leave the starting block yet this year, but I'm in

In australia as well.

I'm in.

Lyricist looking to collab here.

I'd love the chance to collaborate
I'm just learning the ropes an only write lyrics ATM

I'm new but I'd love to co-write
I'm just a Lyricist at the moment
If interested feel free to to contact me.

Muahahaha. Knock her up if we're interested? Now THAT's a song. (Is that slang just in the states? I guess so.)

Yes, me please Smile


Nope here as well

Thank you all !!! Over the next week I will contact you all and start something off Smile
@tcelliott @coolparadiso @coreystewart @Krayzie003 @sph @cblack [@Michael White] @kahlo2013 @metalfoot
Am tied up today, but will start writing a lot more by the end of the week !