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NE Ohio native, checking in from Central Ohio!

I'm in Columbus, sharpening my pencils, setting up my vocal booth, tuning my instruments. I'd love to jam with other 50/90ers!

Awesome! I'm just on the outskirts of Columbus (NW). Been dealing with some health issues lately, so not sure how much collaboration I'll be doing, but time will tell. Great to have another 50/90er so close by!

I grew up mainly in Ohio - been in Florida 14 years now, but still call Butler County my Ohio home. Graduate of Ohio State and University of Cincinnati. Going back to good ol' Cincinnati and West Chester for the 4th of July, which means if I post any songs from the 4th through the 8th they will probably be lyrics only.

Sorry to hear about your health! Right now I am scoping out all the local open mics. Maybe later in the challenge we could select one, and play a couple of our 50/90 songs to a live audience. Do you go to OVFF? It's in Dublin in October. I usually volunteer in the Con Suite. I am the primary Barista, in charge of making sure the Con Suite has coffee.

That would be awesome! There aren't too many open mics out my way, but that's something I'd like to get back into. Had to look up OVFF, so no, I've never been!

Columbus Ohio here - and my 1st 50/90.

Hey, another Columbus person! Welcome! It's my first 50/90 too, but I did FAWM this past February.