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I am delighted to shamelessly self-promote my just-released The King of July 4th eight-song mini-album by Burger Stuffer Supreme. It's made up of songs about or inspired by competitive eating written for FAWM or 50/90 (with one exception) over the last four (!) years, although somewhat to substantially re-recorded (including all vocals) over the last month. The Bandcamp link is here. The album is also available on all the usual music streaming and sales sites (except Spotify, where it is still pending, but I'll update this once it's available there too).

And of course, there's my full-length album For Those About to Grow Your Beard (We Salute You) by Opinionated Whiskers, comprised of songs largely written during last year's 50/90 (although some before and after, and also largely re-recorded in November 2017). Bandcamp link is here, and, again, it's also available at all the usual sites.

I had a great time putting these together and, notwithstanding my vocals that I wish were much, much better, I'm still pretty darn self-satisfied with both. Should you choose to check either out, I hope it brings you some smiles!

I'm so glad you're managing to release them!!

great! listening to some of 'king of july 4th' fun stuff!
Years ago I wrote a song about that prior champion (before Joey Chestnut) - i think his name was Kobiashi ? skinny japanese kid, but he was the champion for like 6 years or something...

Very awesome, Odilon. Smile

@OdilonGreen While listening to "Keep on Eating", my son (just turned 7 yo) was insistent that you should have just pooped and the song would have been over.

My kids now insisted on listening to this album on repeat at bedtime.

@yam655, that makes me incredibly happy - thank you for letting me know (and thank them for me for listening)!

And while I get where your seven year old son is coming from, that's not really practical in the middle of a 10-minute speed-eating event! Wink