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I'm tweaking some of my older songs for a debut album I'm hoping to release immediately before the start of 50/90, so, in order to get some practice with Bandcamp, Distrokid, etc., I just released a "pre-debut" EP of seven songs (two of which I think I did for previous 50/90s, and four of which were for the Song Skirmish facebook group). If anyone is interested: http://odilongreen.bandcamp.com/album/i-came-up-with-better-songs-for-five-motern-media-titles-ok

I'm listening to the first track now. I can hear Matt's influence... oh yeah! I like the humor. Oh, and here's the Clown song. I like the instrumentation. Some of it reminds me of the movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I'll continue to listen as I can.

Thanks @katpiercemusic; I appreciate your thoughts!

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Track 4, dude...

Cool stuff, O.G.

I had never heard of Matt Farley before, but I looked him up, and wow...

@cts and @PeteMurphy, thanks for listening! And yes, Matt is an unusual (and, in my view, inspirational) guy.

Bumping this great music back to the top of the forums!!!