Octopus's Garden - Ringo and Randy

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No Ringo Starr songs so far in Rocktober and so here is a version of his song, Octopus's Garden from Abbey Road. It's a nice track on the album but I seemed to me that rather than copy it I could have a little fun. This is my idea of what the song would be like it it were covered by Randy Newman. Hope you like it.




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i hear the newman inflections and i have noticed his influence in some of your previous work, but you are too good a singer to sound much like him. the piano is spot on though

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I agree about the randy newman feel. Loving on the fiddly playful piano riffing. Great job on a fun classic song! Great job.

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Haha, yeah, I'm liking your Randy Newman approach to this tune.
Lovely piano work here.
Great vocals; better than Ringo's.
Nice job overall!!