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Not a disorder, necessarily, although the line "you don't have to be crazy to work here but it helps" may apply. This concept may explain my behavior. Like why I continue to write new songs when I have lots of editing and re-recording to do, why I do FAWM, 5090 and NaSoAlMo, why I write and post over and above the goal, when others drop out, etc.

Anyone else?

Novels take too long. Biggrin

Yes! When I start writing songs, the flood gates open, and they just pour out.

I have bipolar disorder, and I LIVE for my manic swings, where I am so creative and just a fury of creating....I can write in the "normal swings" but it's not as "absorbing" and I"m able to do other things during the days like adulting responsible things.....during the depression, I don't do much...I don't even listen to music during those times and try to sleep as much as possible...it's the easiest way to ride it out, It's like Christmas eve....the sooner I get to sleep, the sooner I"m back on a manic phase. and I write again Smile This is what I refer to as my "muse" and why I speak the way I do about it. It's part of how I cope, personifying it.

i have slowed down from the beginning of this 50/90, and the way i got to where i am now is in large part due to manic bursts where i would write 3-5 songs one after the other. were it not for those bursts, which i hope resume to push me past my personal goal, i would not be up to 50. so manic fits of creativity seem to be a songwriting strategy at this point. for me.

roger that. many many songs which 'need' editing and re-takes, yet continually writing 'new' material.

I don't know if I'd call it obsessive-compulsive on my part. I can sit down and say, "I want to write a song" and I do. I can also go days/weeks/years without doing so without being troubled. The fact is that I have written more than enough for 50/90 but part of that is simply making and aiming for personal goals as well. But yeah, I went through and made a list of some songs I would like to record more nicely, and that will probably be my personal goal between 50/90 and FAWM. Especially with NaNo on the horizon.

I can't just not write songs and not feel troubled. I don't feel like myself when I'm not writing on at least a semi regular basis. That's probably because it's like therapy to me. And I've yet to come to the place where I no longer need my therapist.

@metalfoot - I too can just sit down and decide to write a song. In fact, I just did - a solo banjo instrumental. Don't know if I'll post it, though - I posted my 49th today, and I'll post my 50th (already recorded) tomorrow. Also, I like how you say you wouldn't call it obsessive-compulsive. I know someone who has that diagnosed disorder. And there's a huge difference between that person, who must take medication for a serious disorder, and someone who feels the need to write a whole bunch of songs. You can turn it on and off - so can I. If you can't turn it on and off, and if it interferes with other life tasks, that's serious stuff.
As I just told my pal and thread-starter @AndyGetch, I thought I was finished this year as soon as I hit 50 solo demos. I had mentioned to a few folks I might collab with them - no promises - and I had considered my usual corpse or two and maybe a fun skirmish or two. For a few reasons - mainly the busy-ness of my work life, I felt finished for this 50/90. But then this morning an idea occurred to me and I picked up the banjo, and now I may do a few more. I'll have to see if this songwriting energy I feel right now sustains itself for a few days.

While I don't write compulsively, I totally understand pushing to the side mixing/editing, etc. songs already written. It can be a daunting task. I'm in the midst of that right now, so I'm not writing anything new lately, except for the skirmishes.

I feel qualified to comment on this. I haven't done 50/90 this year because I kept on writing new songs, and never got any finished. So I've forced myself to finally get enough finished to call them an album. It was very hard, I had to fight my inner critic for three whole months to do it.

I worked out that one of the reasons I like writing new songs is because that is the fun exciting creative bit, whereas the production stuff, though also creative, is a much slower process, and, in my experience, things keep on going wrong all the time when I'm trying to do it.

So maybe it's an avoidance thing, for whatever reason. I would fight it though, it really is very nice feeling getting the songs properly recorded, and if you have a critical voice inside stopping you, then fighting it must be a good thing,

@iveg yes songs are more like a very short story. I have also done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November and the accompanying Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July the last two years, National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) as well as NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month) in November the last four years. I have yet to have anything writing bookwise that feels finished. But the draft is still there, my concept album idea for The Society puts a real twist on that since I only wrote about that experience in passing. @Frances Smith It is great to see you here, thanks for chipping in. I have identified songwriting as a creative priority. I am working slowly towards better recordings, since if it is unfinished then it does not get out in the world. I just need to reallocate some time, which I had started to do until getting sidetracked before last FAWM. I am starting an online recording course this week. @corinne54 @Valerie Cox that is exactly how I feel! [@brrrse] Smile @Chip Withrow @metalfoot @tsunamidaily For me at least one song a week in between challenges is about the right pace to stay fresh.

Interesting thread, -- the question why, then the responses.

For me, this ties into, "tips on response", or why-how to comment on others songs.

For me, if not here, these songs would not exist. The quality of the context, access, other is why. To do one at a time, end to end, is nice, but not in 30, 90 days. -- Write, cull, finish, perform.

With that said, I am not here for the songs, rather, the context.

This now would then get into, why Music? So, leave it there.

Otherwise would get long..., I think the like kind passionate, find each other, and then affect the others appropriately, as they then "do" passion, authentically. Freedom to think is everything in music. Without it, it is Muzak.

The more I write, really write and I do write a lot (I think at one time figured ~15K words a day, 120K - 160K words per 12 weeks) ... but, the more concerning "Lyrics", -- I needed a very clear mind to produce what I liked/satisfied with. (Clear, relaxed, not perplexed, not narrowly focused, -- wide open-open, no "rules", no one saying "that's not it"... etc. what is it anyway...)

-- Now, I recently noticed that if I write, "that", can produce that "clear mind".

In my observation, "triggers" produce reaction/outcome... rarely does proactive outcome framed in a context, produce a trigger, -- in this case a clear mind. (Breaking an object causes anger, -- anger never reassembles it, ... poor analogy.) I remember, "getting upset" and not being able, to "want" to play, therefore -- play well, unrestrained.

Possibly, regardless of the tales/legends/truth be told, some of the best "artists", enter that "zone", and do what they do so well because they trigger that comfort level, ala 20,000+ people screaming. Not to be able to do that, maybe, then produces what I call the Axl Rose response ... directly told, he just could not get up on stage. -- Hard to imagine, but, there it was.

Moreover, I remember well, being 14 years old, on stage, and was no different to me, than, alone in the bathroom combing my hair. It's an unusual memory, possibly, but vivid.

Then, something, -- I have no idea what, happened. I hated being in front of people, -- no "desire" more than anything. Then, it, sort of changed back, sort of, -- different.

-- The purity of thought, of less lived years, -- is the "why", or a big part of it.

It feels whole-good.

@nutation wow, 15k a day! I had a few 6k days in NaNoWriMo and my fingers were sore after that.

Hey AG ....

I guess this thread is for conversation : ) so... yes, -- the contrast is unusual I've found, glad you noticed, many do not.

When the Inet moved to Twit-format ~240Kb ... it became more so. Many just can't bring their self to write even a min of 250 words in a response (generally speaking) -- the amount to be of "substance", meaningful, "of argument/supposition" in context.

Then the shorthand, "twit-format", got very proprietary ifuno what I mean, -- gud2no? : ) Aye...?

(Me, since circa ~1995, Browser Era Inception Netscape V1.0), -- I wrote in so many programming, spoken languages, I did, in hard to explain context, munge ASCII, with other and became annoying to some non-tech folks. The tech folks, never really happened/of issue. I could speak/write ~500 words with nested conversation(s), engaging multiple solutions in one text, "ifthen", "else" and solve a i.e. Mobitex (Blackberry Network) Satellite Software issue in the one "text" to a programmer, solving an issue with -- buoys tracking currents in the Pacific. (Loved that job, -- "Cingular Wireless" -- long gone now : ) ) Contingent upon if they knew what they were doing : ), too.

In general if e.g. taking a typing test... eh, not sure WPM, however, I do type faster than I speak, in flow of thought and why, some do get : ), "wow, he writes like he speaks", so read-listen in that manner. Some can't. Many can, and get what I call (I think I coined the phrase --who knows : ) "onlineguage" -- occurred in an "argument" in the formation of Online Teaching and Learning transitioning from "Practitioner" to Hi-ed-? stating that, it is a better way to communicate, and legit in a Class Forum for Graded Work. I think I "won"? Not everywhere. (I think that term someone took credit for in China -- big, surprise : ); along with Windmill Tech, Driver-less Tech, Cisco Router Tech, .Mil-tech... etc. Our lunch, -- eaten, and back for 3rd helpings.) So...., anyway.... "rabbit trail there", see, flow of thought...

However, when adapted, to "Onlineguage" format, -- it seems (knowing our host here, "does" online T&L, et al., the foundation of the FAWM hosting, -- PhD Thesis Research : ) ) -- the Class Discussion Forums tend to be VERY useful to the student. I'll leave that "argument" there : ) Some PhD's take their "stuff" very seriously (unsure of his/theirs), ... and unsure/not seeking to "provoke" -- don't really care THAT much : ) -- Methods of Communication never won in "argument". So, anyway...

If I walk to a Keyboard, it winds up being ~ 5K min.

iPad, cell, helps me keep in "reality" heads up mode... so limit keyboard use. Some, "here" even won't see "me", till the next day, or two. Remember the days when folks got back NEXT WEEK : ) Now, ... I don't see the READ FLAG... why are you not talking to me ...
-- well, "it ain't a phone call" for a reason : )

So, thinking you'd like "context" for "that", -- : ) derugo : ) Hahhh ...

Yes, my songs seem cryptic, but, in the context of which I write, if I switched words, would be way to literal for me. I love your observations, and analogic-comps, -- many thanks for that! : ) The "reason" too, is, how one feels when they hear, e.g., the Blues Vocal Riff, "Hey, hey, hey eh ah eh ah aa", (in pentatonic blues scale assention/descention), -- different, if sung by a BBKing, Me, Joni Mitchell type voice, other... -- it creates a mind-picture for the listener, or they change the Channel. Some, come back later too : ) For "me" it's a "mind-break" then back to work, thru the day.

(642 words, in ~5mins -ish, ish, pending margins, 2 pp, LOL ... ~15mins to read OH NO! : ) and, no spell chk!)