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Anyone still trying to get number 1?

#1 which?

There are plenty of folks that haven't written any songs yet this year, and it's totally okay. If you're struggling to write, my advice is commit to writing something terrible. Seriously. I used to find that I would get all wrapped up when I was trying to write songs in whether they were good enough or not and it was paralyzing. When I started doing 50/90 I committed to the idea that I was going to write some terrible crap, and I did, but some of it wasn't. I feel like if I get one good song out of 10 bad or so so songs, I'm doing alright. I once heard an interview on NPR with Billy Collins, the poet laureate of the US. He said that everyone is full of bad poems and they have to write the bad poems before they can get to the good ones. He had a really high number like 500... everyone has 500 bad poems in them. He said the only reason he's a poet is that he started writing when he was young and with great frequency, so he got the bad ones out of the way sooner than other people. That's sort of the way I attack all things in life now. If I'm struggling and I want to push through, I just commit to doing it badly, and with great enthusiasm until it starts to get easier. And one of the really cool things about 50/90 is that sometimes I set out to write a bad song and it turns out to be a good one.