Now! That's What I Call Wordsmith! has just been released

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It's back, and better than ever! Now! That's What I Call Wordsmith, the 5th compilation album by Stephen Wordsmith and the artists of FAWM and 50/90!

18 Massive* hits, featuring artists from New Zealand, Australia, The US, UK, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.

Featuring genres such as acoustic rock, alt-folk, celtic rock, schoolhouse rap, spoken-word space opera, lateral-thinking-puzzle African chant and help-a-ghost-is-dragging-me-into-a-closet ethereal piano capella.

Discover how much evil can be packed into a teaspoon. See the connections between a sunless planet and a drunken country driver. Find out why it's the kitten who gets the lion's share out of humans. Dive into the internal monologue of a suicide prevention hotline worker when he fields a call from his mother. Sneak a peek at the log of the captain of a ship in a bottle.

It's all here, and all from the mind of Stephen Wordsmith, Wellington's fourth-most eminent Shower Philosopher*. Listen, and enjoy!

*Citation needed

Sweet! I'll have to check this out as soon as I stop working all these extra hours and can sit down for a moment or two.