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So this has been a strange 50/90 for me. In past years, I usually got off to a strong start, and since 2008, I've finished it most of the time and gotten at least 25 or so in other years.

This year, I knew I'd have two sets of out of town guests in, staying with us for a total of a few weeks right after it started. SO i did two songs on July 4 and then have not had time to do any songwriting at all since- haven't even been around much to listen, etc.

Funny, too, in past presidential election years (2008, 2012) I've had alot to say about the elections and that got translated into song in addition to all the other kinds of stuff I do. This year, it feels like its never been crazier out there, but somehow my motivation to write about it all has been slowly fading.... and I'm not really burning to write alot else, too. (songs that is, or much else)
Last of the guests (don't get me wrong, we had an amazing time with them all) is leaving tomorrow, and I'm wondering how much i'll be doing here after- could be some, could be little to none. Weird feeling!

Anyone else out there not particularly feelin' it this year, for whatever reason?

You can do it! Whatever you contribute is an accomplishment, be it 2 or 55. YET is the key word here. Smile

I'm having a similarly slow start, @mike skliar. I'm blaming the travel, jet-lag, moving, and beautiful summer weather, but they're thin excuses. I just haven't buckled down yet.

Be gentle with one wants to do things when they feel pressured...even if it's to themselves. The songs well come or they won't...right now. music happens when you stop thinking about it. Smile

And I thought it was just me. I watch the news and these are historic and tragic events going on.... Screw it I'm going to say it. Orlando, Nice, Dallas....disturbing stuff. There are other things happening too...and it messing with me. I think it has something to do with, uh....nevermind.

@mike skliar and @jcollins - Events of late, both political and otherwise (I guess it's all political, really) have also brought me down. And now my daughter, who lives with an anxiety disorder, is following the news for the first time.
But that's why I keep writing. I was in the midst of recording a couple of songs when I took a news break and read of the Baton Rouge shootings. I kept going, though, determined that was the way to keep/bring brightness in the world.
Mike - I will be someone else's houseguest in a few days, and I know that will somehow affect my writing. My daughter and I will be visiting my family in Ohio for 9 days, and I'm not bringing an instrument. Maybe I can write some lyrics, of fit in a few acapella numbers. But I wonder what my motivation will be like when I return - right now I'm writing/recording as much as I can (at least a song a day so far) leading up to my trip.

Seems like it got a lot quieter here a lot sooner than usual. Maybe the dark mood in the USA is part of the reason. Sunday's skirmish seems to have done well though. I'd love to see a superskirmish soon but dunno if there are enough active people to run one.

Listening to @johnstaples inspires me.

I've had a rough start due to some spine issues. My son visited this last weekend and wrote a lyric specifically for me to sing with him. It let me use fowl language, which I normally do not do, and actually helped me smile and feel hopeful. He's a singer-songwriter-performer so singing with him was a treat! The back is slowly easing, and I have some lyric starting to fill the spaces in my head. Things truly are looking up.

I've done almost nothing.

I had -- no, I have -- so many grand plans, but I've been off to a real slow start, in part because of nice weekend weather we've had where I live, in part because of some work-related travel, and in part due to an unusual (for me) number of social obligations. Also, the fact that this is a three-month marathon makes it all too easy to simply say, "Eh, I'll do something tomorrow."

Of course, the fact that it's a three-month marathon also means there's plenty of time to get myself in gear. I just have to get going! Maybe even today!

Or tomorrow at the latest. Wink

I've only stuck with 50/90 beyond the first few days once, two years ago, so I don't have a ton of experience. It does, however, feel different this time. The music ideas are coming, but the lyrics... everything just sucks so badly right now. It feels like civilization is falling apart. You'd think that would be a source of lyrical inspiration, but it just makes me want to hide my head under a blanket and hope for better days.

Everything feels like a sketch so far, kinda half assed. I might spend some more time on the last one, which might end up being a mistake. Had another glimmer of a lyric today, so moving forward.

I really love super skirmishes, and would be prepared to help.

There are quite a few good lyricists on 50/90 Robert, you could always collab and use someone else's lyrics, if the muse isn't appearing.

@Chip Withrow said: I kept going, though, determined that was the way to keep/bring brightness in the world.

THIS....Thank you. That's one of the best answers I've heard yet....

Yep what @Chip Withrow said, we gotta keep on shining our lights and doing our art

@robertjames1971 and @Chip Withrow - I was blocking out how the world news is affecting me. I've got my own personal stuff going on, but of course the news is deeply disturbing each night. Now that it is in my awareness I'm feeling more motivated to strike back by shining my own odd special way. Shake off the depressed feelings and create!! Thank you for enlightening me (see what I did there...) and kicking my rear in gear (it's actually my rear that is in pain - piriformis) in a good way!! Shine on my FAWMily - Fifty-Ninetiers!

thanks everyone for sharing your parts of the journey,and the roadblocks in the way, on this thread.. and a particular shout out to Chip- Chip, hearing your songs always makes me more optimistic for the world and all its inhabitants. and i'll try to channel a little bit of that inspiration for sure....
i did mess around with a bit of a melody and chord progression today, tho no lyrics really came to mind... maybe tonight or tomorrow... or later this week!

I'm also off to an incredibly slow start! I'm figuring it's ok though, I plan on kicking into high gear pretty soon, and hopefully a late start will just mean I can push further instead of running out of steam in late August...I'm still determined to write and record more music and better music this year than I did last year! Smile

and... I guess all I needed was a few thousand people at a convention in the midwest for a political party with whom I disagree with on almost every issue, add a few rabid over-the top orators, a few D-level reality stars, and.... yeah,, here ya go Smile

Ugh. Got off to a good start but have bottomed out with writing and commenting. There's a lot on my mind these days (an upcoming move and total lifestyle change - long story) getting in the way of my focus. I'm trying to get back on track!

@mike skliar You love this stuff...we know. Smile

@Fuzzy I'm having a similar problem here. Much of is self induced but when you start feeling like, "this is nothing more than a waste of my time" then is probably going to be one of those years. The good thing about 5090 is you can take a week off and try again. I hate to admit it but I will today. I have no interest in hitting 50 songs this year. If I make something I will post it good or bad.

@jcollins, I don't feel like this is a waste of my time; quite the opposite, in fact. I just don't have the mental space right now to get in the groove.

Last year, I had a strong July and then just wasn't feeling it in August. I had zero motivation. Then in September I found my groove again and managed to pull off a win.

I went in to this year, thinking July would be my weakest month, but so far it has been pretty strong.

This year's event is still pretty early. You have time to not feel in to it for a little while longer and then catch up and win. (Or not, but still have fun.)

Neil Young felt the same way, wrt forcing it, @brrrse. Stopped writing when he thought about it too much. Started writing when the song came along.

Wow sad to hear that! Yeah losing motivation sucks!! Have you considered in figuring out what is causing you to write less? Think about what's keeping you unmotivated about writing a song. Is it the time? Is it writers block? Is it because you're limited to one place to write the song?

I'm in the weird place where I think my material is good, but not "good enough" compared to my previous stuff, and I think that's discouraging me. I'm still chugging along, though.

so an update on my situation, I'm still not quite 'in the groove' I was in for sevearl past years here, but I guess I'm 'more' in the groove then before- i was inspired after watching all the crazy political convention stuff (here in the US that is) to start writing a few more political-themed songs, and also wrote a few other songs as well.. now up to 13 songs, i doubt strongly I'll get to 50, but perhaps will get to 20 or maybe even 25, depending.

I have to say that one of the things that happens every 50/90, and its the nature of the beast, really, is that alot of interest drops off by everyone, and when you post a song now, there might be no comment for a while and then only a few comments- like everyone else, i guess- when i get more comments/more interest in the songs, it motivates me more, and if there's less comments and less interest, i'm not as motivated..

@mike skliar I have the same feelings about being strongly motivated by the flurry of activity (song posting, commenting, forum conversations) in the first few days of 50/90 and actually being demotivated by the subsequent absence of activity! I have learned to focus my active participation on the first week and skirmishes!

Every year I forget how much inspiration I can get from other people's songs. @thisisbeckyw has some lyrics that inspire me to find details that carry more emotional weight. @Chandra83 had a song "No Means No" that spun my thoughts in a different direction. @theholmesgirl and others who have a completely different perspective than I do. @wyatt? Had a faerie lyric that had me struggling to write something lighter and airier. @tinam insane guitar gymnastics. Thinking about a weak song, trying to find out why is it weak? What could I do in my own song to avoid or correct that? Look at the people who write a LOT of songs, and try to streamline my own process, to avoid down time, use my own time well, and write a finished draft.
I forget this every FAWM, every 5090. I have enough going on to get me through a certain number of songs, but then I hit that point where it starts feeling repetitive, or forced, or I get caught in a spiral where the songs are getting darker, and I want to change direction.
Too rambling, and I used up all my Skirmish time Smile oh well. Thanks to all you inspiring people! Keep writing!