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So, I was going to just post this half hour video I had just seen, it's very engaging even to a non musician (I tested that!), and it's about the writing and arranging in The Girl From Ipanema. Then I realised I could make it a challenge, so watch the video, or don't (though it is entertaining), and see if you can write a song with chords and harmony that follows a pattern that isn't according to normal western expectations.

I don't really mean just unusual or awkward, though those would still qualify i suppose, i mean something that sounds "good" or maybe i mean it should sound "understandable", but would cause a music student to scratch their head a bit when asked why it actually works.

Here's the video anyway, enjoy! (correct link!)

Oh yeah, and tag your song #nonwestern

You linked to the wrong video, there, it was either the previous or next one in the YouTube stream. Though the wrong one was also quite interesting.

Strange you should post a link to that video - I just watched it this morning. Enjoyed the explanation of how the bridge chords related to standard US jazz chords as well as the general history behind the song. Know I have no chance of pulling off similar, though.

You might want to repost the link. I got "The Worst Jazz Solo Of All Time." I don't know if that was the one you wanted to post, but it sounds interesting so I'll probably finish it anyway.

I too tried to watch the video but I think it's a different one, it was interesting though. Thank you for your challenge Calum. Here is my instrumental reply:

Worry folks! Correct link is now above, though hopefully you can still get the gist of the challenge.

Hi @Calum Carlyle, I’m interested in the concept of your challenge, but the current link takes me to “The Music You Hate” from Adam Neely, and nothing about the Girl from Ipanema. Can you check it again, please?

I watched the music you hate video as well as the Girl video, and both are interesting...

I’ll try this soon! Love the idea Biggrin

The "normal western expectations" kinda needs a definition. A lot of new genres sprang out of not conforming to it, whatever it is and now are in it. As for the bridge of ipanema, I always thought it was a play on the sequence with some hidden back door progressions. I guess sometimes it just sounds good even if weird by whatever today standards are, and you leave it like that for other guys to interpret for all you care!