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Last summer, I made a little companion website for 50/90:

Nothing too fancy. It really has just two features:

* Organizes all Skirmishes into a calendar view.

* Pulls all downloadable demos into a podcast.

I found these handy last year, and I was happy to see that everything still seems to be functioning correctly this year. If either of these features sounds handy to you, enjoy!

This is nifty! Wink

Super useful, thanks for putting this together!

The list didn't seem to include all downloadable songs. Is there a selection process?

What a cool idea! I'll definitely have a play around with the podcast feature

Cool, thanks. I added the "RSS Feed" to my outlook and all the songs show up. Provides the linear comments and a link to the mp3. (you can download from Outlook one at a time from the ribbon menu "download content"). Yeah, its cool....thanks @mattgillooly

Edit note: The RSS feed also provides the direct link the 5090 song page....for commenting.

Sorry about this, @brrrse. There is no selection process, but it doesn't currently work with streaming demos, e.g. on Soundcloud, even if you enable downloads on the streaming site.

Basically, songs that have a black speaker icon could be included, but a blue speaker icon would not. I'll look into this if I get a chance, as it seems like this is effecting a large number of users. Fool

I finally had some time to work on this today. Going forward, Soundcloud demos should appear in the podcast. Let me know if you encounter any more bugs.