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This challenge is simple but can end up with surprising results: Write a song in a genre you've never written in before. Bonus points if it's a genre you've never even listened to before.

I found it really enlightening to break down elements and patterns of other genres so i can better understand my own default genre approach.


Find something that looks interesting there, then look up the wikipedia entry to find out the defining characteristics of that genre.

Then write a song with those characteristics and post it with the tag #newgenre.

Have fun!

Fantastic suggestion, @littlespiral, and a really useful list. A great way to light a fire during the doldrums!

This is my first dream pop type tune. Had fun making it alongside [@tcelliot] Smile


I have never written or performed a dance tune before, so this was a first! http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/32662 I usually do acoustic folky or bluesy stuff, and the occasional rock out so this was completely new for me. Very fun! I also put music to lyrics written by @kaho2013 for the same prompt, in a completely different genre (kinda country-ish)