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Hey, fellow New Yorkers! (and those close by)...

Hope you're all well. not sure how many folks are here or going to be here who were active in FAWM this past winter, but we had a great in-person gathering in Feb here.. maybe if there's enough interest we can do it again?

anyway, hope to see some or all of you on here, participating in this great crazy adventure!

check in!

Mike S

Hey, I'm back again representing Westchester County! I'm excited about this year!

I'll get there one day - again!

Middlesex County, NJ or, central Central Joisey ... here ...

This unofficial, but very real territory is:
We live below Rt80 (sometimes Rt78 even), and above Toms River.
We ignore Staten Island, (nice people, it's the bridge thing), and
Anything to far west of Rt287 :), unless below Rt78 (we love Rt22)

Now, no one will ever admit the above, but, maybe kinda like, folks in
Manhattan, who get lost above/below Canal St., east/west of Central Park
Or, anything above "mid-town" Wink

We visit Manhattan, via NJ Transit, or Bus if exists. We occasionally let
Folks drive us there if they know how to find NYC, that is, -- Jersey roads rarely
Lead out of NJ... kinda like the Twilite Zone.

-- humorous, ? , but true, truth be told