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Welcome back one and all. This is my totally unofficial naming of the 4 sections of New York:
1 - NYC
2 - Catskills
3 - Adirondacks
4 - Western NY

I'm here representing section 3, but a big hello goes out to all my fellow New Yorkers!


Hi! not sure how much songwriting I'm going to do this 50/90, but I've been part of 'section 1- NYC' for a long long time!


I guess I'm in the NYC area then. Westchester. There's this who river valley in NY, but people in NYC think we're upstate and people anywhere else in the state think we're NYC.

[email protected] - you're right, anybody below Newburg is practically NYC!

Brooklyn goil here!

Ah, you forgot section 5, southern boroughs of Joisey! Wink

Jersians don't really associate with each other... so we look elsewhere, -- hahhh...

I'm a "hudson valley" boy, life long and we claim from Mahwah to Lake George, esp on a hot August Friday night, full tank of gas, carton of cigs and cooler of beer...

(I'll post a NJ thread, -- you'll see Wink ...

Well, if you claim Lake George, @ustaknow then surely you're familiar with my stomping grounds on the Great Sacandaga Lake!
Not many things can compare to having a super-sized Strawberry daiquiri, while watching the sunset from the deck of the I Go Inn!!
Personally, I prefer the nachos and a beer, but my wife always gets the daiquiri... one is more than enough!

@oneslowtyper and anyone above Riverdale in the Bronx is upstate. You see my predicament. We're like Brigadoon. We only exist during leaf peaking/apple picking season.

Western. Rochester specifically.

OK, so now that Tom has chimed in, we sort of have all 4 regions represented. We'll let the "Joisey" guy, (ustaknow) represent the Catskills. LOL

WNY-- Buffalo area, specifically Kenmore, which is a village literally across a street (Kenmore Avenue) from Buffalo. I was born in Buffalo and lived three blocks from Main Street for my elementary school years.