New World

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I'm only going to do punk songs with the word "new" in them for the rest of the month. Or post-punk bands with the word "new" in their name. Like, New Order, say.

Headphone mix!!!

(One complaint -- as a resident of Flint, Ford is a Detroit thing. It's all GM up here.)


honest to goodness
the bars weren't open this morning
they must have been voting for a new president of something
do you have a quarter?"
I said yes because I did
honest to goodness the tears have been falling all over this country's face
it was better before
before they voted for what's his name
this was supposed to be the new world

flint ford auto
mobile alabama
windshield wiper
buffalo new york
gary indiana don't forget the motor city
baltimore and d.c. now all we need is
don't forget the motor city this was suppose to be the new world

all we need is money just give us what you can spare
twenty or thirty pounds of potatoes or twenty of thirty beers
a turkey on thanks giving like alms for the poor
all we need are the necessities and more
it was better before they voted for what his name this is supposed to be the new world
don't forget the motor city this was supposed to be the new world (Hey I cut these from google, so don't blame me for the lack of capitalization etc. Smile )




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never heard this song before. its pretty good and your playing and singing gets better all the time.

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I'm not too familiar with X, but I do like your version of this tune for sure.
So lovely and appealing.
I'm thinking that people who might be turned off by punk's aggression would totally like your versions.
I'm liking your approach to Rockober, with the "new" challenge.
And yeah, that's why I don't write out lyrics; too much work.

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Oh yay! This is one of my favorite songs by X, and your version has all the energy of the original. I had to listen again because I was singing along loudly the first time. Ok, listening a third time because I can't stop singing along. Your vocals are way better than mine, so keeping quiet this time - still having fun!