New Spooky Beard Song EP

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I've just released (pursuant to the pre-50/90 EP challenge right on these here boards) "Spooky Beard Campfire Songs," an album of creepy, spooky tales about beards.

These are meant for singing and enjoyment around a campfire, late at night, deep in the woods. Conceived, written and recorded in 4 days, (almost) no overdubs, with the vocal and ukulele tracks recorded (pretty much) all the way through. The closest to a "live" recording I've done so far!

Fun fact: Track 3 is basically a redo (new music, tweaked lyrics) of a track I wrote during a beard feud with @Acousticmaddie here at 50/90 a few years ago!

I just listened to Bigfoot Beard Contest and enjoyed it quite a lot! Being a creature of the forest myself I have long yearned to actually meet a SquooshSquash. My pappy told me tales of how he ran with 'em when he was a boy. So I was delighted to learn you had actually seen a group of them! Nice work!

These are great!

Thank you @yam655. And when writing the surreal lyrics to "My Beard Has Swallowed My Head," I truly did pause and specifically reflect that I was channeling my inner yam655!