New Songs not on Profile ?!!

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I have posted a new song but it doesnt appear on my profile page ?!!

I know its there as its on the Song List etc.

I even posted it twice thinking I'd done it wrong the first time !

Is there a glitch somewhere ?


OK now its appeared....

So I tried to delete the second one and there is a delay in that disappearing also... 50/90 has lag lol

You sometimes have to clear your cache to get the page to load properly. Clearing your cache will usually do the trick, but that usually logs you out of everywhere.

@Eric Distad - Song comments aren't showing up as a check mark either. Looks like it's more than just a normal issue.

Some of the pages are cached at the server to help with performance. If the check mark doesn't show up in 5 minutes or so, please let me know and I'll dig into it more deeply.

Naw, it's working fine now. I think it was simply the normal cache problem. It's just weird that I noticed it right after posting here. No issues the last hour forty five minutes or so. Thanks.