New Silvermachine, Freaks of Nosmo 9, G3 Darnell Album

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Yes, Silvermachine, Freaks of Nosmo 9, G3 Darnell and the secretive DeSelby all squeezed into a small room together and made the new Freaks of Nosmo 9 album - Call of The Snail Woman. It will be out on cd and download on the fabulous Wormhole World label on July 16th.
Preorders appear to have decimated the stock so act quick.

i say 'fabulous' Wormhole World label because it will be releasing the first ever @Fuzzy album in September, which is something I am very excited about and am sure many of you will be too.

Awesome! Also looking forward to the @Fuzzy album!

See You In The Shadows…

Hey, thanx for the mention there, @G3 Darnell!!
I'm super excited to hear your new CD!!
Peoples, if you enjoy hearing out-of-the-ordinary sounds that challenge your entire sense of reality, then the Freaks of Nosmo 9 album is a must have.
You Silvermachine fans will appreciate it.

Order it.
Order it today.
Order it now.

I also recommend listening to their new tunes from this summer at @G3 Darnell's page.
Awesome stuff.

And yes, I will be releasing my own CD on Wormhole Records some time in mid-September.
Full of the usual nonsense and noises.

I have travelled back from the future to attest that it's glorious.