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I just went and bought an autoharp. I'll need to buy a set of strings for it as well.

I've also bought a glockenspiel, a cheap cajon, a mandolin and a foot tambourine since FAWM. I've actually used the glock on a couple of recordings for songfight!

What do you have that is new (to you) to write and/or record with this year?

As I mentioned to @Ianuarius, I'm thinking about getting a Jamstik (a 5 fret guitar-ish midi controller that uses real guitar strings). I've really no need for it, as I question whether I'll practice enough to get even minimally proficient. Still, the urge to live out my wild rock-and-roll fantasies (on a silly little pretend guitar) is strong, and 50/90 seems as likely a time to try as any!

That looked cool. The whole $50 off for Father's Day let me know it was out of my price range, though. And yup, it sure is.

WOOHOO on the Autoharp! Good for you!

I got a Gretsch Guitalele for my birthday. I love it!

Cool on the autoharp. I've wanted one for a long time.

I just got a Boss Loop Station which I'll be unpacking later today, and I can't wait!

I got a new bass! And a jaw harp! Although, having already used the jaw harp on the one song I bought it for, I'm not sure it'll come in too useful again for a while...

No new musical instruments, but because I've resurrected my Propellerhead Reason license I'm regaining access to a whole bunch of instruments (and effects) that I haven't used for the last couple of years. It's going to feel like I've got a lot of new instruments. Since I last used Reason they've also added a really cool dual-arpeggiator tool which I'm sure is going to feature heavily in many of this year's songs.

I got an Artiphon, which I've been stalking since it became a Kickstarter a few years ago and Logic to play it with. This was a very expensive year. Also, a friend was moving and downsizing so he gave me a bass and a mountain dulcimer. The bass I'll never play with my tiny fingers so I'm giving that to a friend, but I will definitely be using the dulcimer in some things.

I want a glockenspiel....

The newest instrument I got is just my Squier Tele which is like my best guitar basically. I want to get an ebow to do sum-a-dat Yui and Paul Stanley solo album stuff. Good for layering.

@katpiercemusic, the Artiphon looks seriously cool. Is it living up to your expectations, both in terms of build quality and musical usefulness?

I have an autoharp - I've never learned to play it or even tune it, but it looks nice on a shelf. It's actually the second one I've had but not played.
I have a kids' beginner lap harp that I got two Christmases ago - I've plucked at it just a few times. Maybe I'll figure it out more this 50/90.
Two years ago, I got a padouk wood tongue drum, and last year I got a harmonium. And this is the third year in a row I'll have something new - a cookie-tin slide guitar. I've used it on several songs for the off-season skirmish group.

Oh - I finally got a new bridge made for my 80+ year old banjolele - my grandfather had it when he was a LT in the US Army Air Corps and it traveled the world with him in WWII. Looking forward to playing it on a song or two maybe. Smile

Sold a few things on Craigslist, had some gig money and a small Ampeg tube amp that sounded OK but never great. Traded the amp in on a Fender Princeton, and now my electric guitars are amazing wonders.

I added a mountain dulcimer, electric violin and some more recorders to my ensemble. Oh, and a few bodhrans and made myself a bunch of flageolets from PVC plumbing pipe. Oh, and I made a couple of native American flutes. And a thumb piano. And some bongos.

I need help! Biggrin

I'm cleaning out my father's house and so I hope to have his piano by the end of 50/90. I suppose I should learn how to play it, as well.

I bought a cowbell.

I bought a FAWM egg shaped shaker and new headphones, and oh I repaired my cracked guitar and painted it, does that count?

I was sad that I didn't have anything new since the FAWM, but lo I just ordered a new keyboard. Biggrin

Got a broken Yamaha DX7, a couple of weeks back, it had died on the prior owner, but it was an easy 15 min fix with an soldering iron to get it to work again. And I also recently found a Del Vecchio Dinamico, a Brazilian made resonator guitar with a pickup in a dumpster, my luthier friend is working on to make it playable.

@Mt.Mélodie Man, those DX's are cool. They are appropriately rough. Biggrin

@Mt.Mélodie - DX7s are notoriously difficult to program on the keyboard itself. Have you got some appropriate software for patch manipulation/building?

There's definitely something special about the DX7 sound - especially now after years of retro-analog gear.

DX7! Those are great. Let the fun retro times roll. Smile Got myself some drums. Pretty excited and minimally skilled on them. Should be a blast.

Nice find on the DX7, @Mt.Mélodie! I've got a DX21 that I found cheap and really haven't made enough of an effort to use. Every time I play with it I just seem to spend all my time sending patches to it via archaic MIDI software, playing with them for a couple of minutes, but never recording anything. I shall make amends this 50/90!

The amazing DX7 is a vintage instrument now, with it's own simulations. God I feel old! While I wait on finding my own DX7 , I am converting an old upright piano to a hammer dulcimer. Hope to have it finished before end of 50/90, and the music continues!

@atitlan I just reset it to the factory patches , don't think I'll try to program it, rather spend that time on writing songs. Kind of like the familiarity of the factory sounds.

@Mt.Mélodie - That'll give you all those classic DX bass, e.piano and bell sounds. Instant mid-80s.

@JamKar That is a cool project. I hope you get it finished so we can hear it.

@Mt.Mélodie Very jealous of the DX7. I deeply regret not buying one when they were available. Those factory patches just *scream* 1980s pop!

I have finally acquired a controller for my Roland GR-55 (a Godin xtSA) so expect all manner of daft sounds emanating from HFO control this summer.

@headfirstonly, Roland + Godin tickles my fancy!

@OdilonGreen mostly. I haven't started using it in live performances, but as a midi tool it's pretty cool. MY only complaint is that in the software has a little trouble interfacing with Logic. Like the fretless string function isn't particularly useful and when I change the string tuning to Mando or use (you know... things I can actually play) it doesn't carry over. They've been pretty responsive to stuff like this and have been fixing things bit by bit, so I'm overall very pleased.

Goodness. Ya'll have GEAR.
I got my Zoom G1XOn toward the end of FAWM but I used it there so not new gear. Guess I'll have to buy something between now and 50/90 to keep up with the Joneses. Maybe a harmonica or something.

I modified my Maritime Seagull acoustic guitar by putting in brass bridge pins AND slapping on a set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric guitar strings [see profile pic]. Conducting rash, not-well-thought-out experiments is fun!

Soooo not a new instrument, but it sure kinda plays and sounds different now. Smile

That's new in my book.

@b00n - Hope you jump in with a cowcore song!!

I was just gifted with a Bowed Psaltery. I had the strings fixed this week and watched a "how to" video...and played my first songs. It's my first bowed instrument and I'm pretty excited!

@darcistrutt we'll see Smile

@darcistrutt - You reminded me that I have a violin. I loaned it to a friend and got it back missing a string. Years ago my daughter took Suzuki method and I learned some along with her. Maybe it will make a 50/90 appearance ...
I got out my mandolin a couple of days ago, and used it in a song for the Facebook skirmish group. I don't think I'd played it since last 50/90 - not a new instrument, but a whole lot of re-learning. And I did some single-string things I don't normally do.

Which reminds me, I also got a mandolin this year. And several other smaller instruments. But the Mando has got to make an appearance on something or other.

@darcistrutt, those are wonderful sounding instruments. Smile I had one years ago, left it on top of my car one night, now it's lost somewhere in western Massachusetts...

I don't technically have any new instruments... but I did just get the Mrs a cajon that sounds better than mine and a hand drum, so... Smile

Got the kids each an interface, too. Maybe they'll get some music posted this year.

I finally picked up a Fishman Loudbox Mini for me, for the smaller live shows, mostly to save my back. Picked up a fader port for reduced mouse use while mixing, too. Should be a fun 50/90. Smile

Bought a bow and some bass rosin to try out on my normal electric bass...always toying with picking up a cajon for fun.

Finally bought a replacement guitar and will probably download the new Logic Pro version in time for Day One.

I got a used Yamaha F345SY TBS steel-string acoustic guitar for cheap. It sounds great, and everything is perfect (low action, perfect intonation, it even stays in tune). I found list prices online for when it was for sale new (around 2010), and was shocked, it was about half what I expected. I wonder why it was discontinued. Maybe it was undercutting the rest of Yamaha's line of guitars.

i've got a raftload of new guitars, including some custom-built 'Xiangqi' models... also, a new I/O interface is on the way...

New for me this year: Orange Tiny Terror guitar amp; Ampeg Portaflex 350 bass amp; Gretsch Electromatic centre block guitar. I would have liked a new USB interface as well, but after all that, I'm skint.

Just got a pineapple uke. My list of new instruments is growing.

Noodling with a recorder. It may or may not appear this time.

My new-to-me 1955 Gibson BR-9 amp is back from the amp tech. Smile Pawn shop find, basically. 200 bucks. Big Grin --> Biggrin

@JamKar Oh, and I just got two used wooden recorders as well. On the cheap. They both make sounds, but I'm not sure how good they are, yet. I have no plans to use them, but they might appear somewhere or other... or maybe I'll make an EP with songs featuring the recorders.

That reminds me that I have a cheap plastic recorder somewhere... I was thinking about pinching @ZeCoop's idea from the last FAWM and trying to use every instrument that I own at least once, so I guess I'll be digging that out and figuring out how to make noise with it!

Yeah it's about time I had ago at using all instruments too!!