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Post the names you have just gotten to know about and like. Yes, it can be Mozart, that is fine. The emphasis is on "new". New for you.

Very recent or coming releases by established names can be fine too.

Regina Spektor

I had forgotten that I am following her on Facebook. Not sure how that happened, it must have been a while ago, but up came this post that she is releasing new music, and this song, Small Bill$, was linked.

Shovels and Rope have a new album coming out soon. I'm looking forward to hearing it. Information here:

Becky Warren has a new album coming out around the same time as Shovels and Rope (Octoberish) information here:

as in Becky Warren our own @thisisbeckyw! Also new to me, indie artists I met through friends, house concerts or SummerSongs East:
Mare Wakefield and Nomad
Abbie Gardner
Heather Pierson
Christine Deleon
Jennifer Gesoi
Jud Caswell
The Bombadils\
Nicole Coward

just found out today that Leonard Cohen is releasing a new album this fall

yeah, I'm looking forward to that Leonard Cohen album as well- he's still doing great work and over 80 years old!