new mike skliar bandcamp album out today..

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Hi all, so, i've been continuing to write, record and re-record since this last 50/90.
Since the two most recent albums i did before this one were political-themed, I decided to do an almost completely non-political album.
Did a fair amount of work on this new one and I hope some of you fine folks give this a listen- as always, its a free download as well

I described it earlier today on facebook as --Happy to report that my new album is out! It's a departure from the last two, being almost all non-political, and deals with life, relatives, sad trombones and happy eels, relationships, baseball, chance and coincidence, relatives, dreams, rock stars with imaginary masks, relatives, and more! No glockenspiels, trombones, basses or guitars were harmed, although they might have been played... anyway, enjoy! As always, its a free, or pay what you want, download at the fine folks at bandcamp. link is at:

thanks Andy!