New Jersey or region 5 NY? :)

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-- ah yes, the "infamous", "central jersey" area... south of Rt 80, north of Toms River... the lines keep moving Smile

One used to be able to tell where they were by how folks drove... but, eh, not so much anymore, --hahhh!

I just had to come over and INVADE the Jersey forum, since we have a Jersey guy in the New York forum who just won't leave!! LOL

Yes, it is an interesting area... for me, it is just far easier and more enjoyable to, e.g., head north up the NYS Thruway, or south to Philadelphia, Delaware.

I used to love NYC, but never fully developed the "habit" over the years for many reasons that had not changed from my teens to today, -- cost and ease of getting in/out. And, ironic, or per chance anytime I went in, to a "venu" or, e.g., The Drum Collective, -- there was no one from "here", there Smile hahhh. It's great to make friends with an attorney from South America and share societal and musical riffs for the day... but then, -- that's it. People don't seem to accumulate friendships, and maybe that's why.

-- And so we have FAWM5090 Wink Smile !!, yeah for that.