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My Alesis multimix 8, 2.0, has been in a slow death spiral for a while. Crackling, signal drops etc... had been looking for some time and had it down to the Behringer Uphoria 4 channel or the Presonus C24 2 channel...

Then I came across a couple of fairly detailed and objective reviews on the Motu M2, did some additional research and decided to go with that! It was back ordered everywhere. There were a few on ebay for double the retail price... I could wait.

Received shipping confirmation from Sweetwater it shipped yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out!

This is the Review that did it for me:

Still have to better organize my recording process, reviewing This is Reaper 6.0 with Kenny Gioia and should be posting some tracks in a few weeks...


Congrats! I've been waiting for an M4 since ordering it in May so I hope mine will ship soon, too!

Just checked out the product page on Sweetwater and it looks very nice! I'm still perfectly happy with my current interface (IK Multimedia's Axe I/O), so I'm not currently looking to buy another, but that's the funny thing about audio gear: even though I am entirely satisfied with what I already have and don't even know what I would do with a second interface, I still kind of want the M2 now in an "ooh.... shiny new toy" kind of way!

Whenever I look at interfaces, I start wishing that *number of microphone pre-amps* was a prominent part of the spec. I like having 3 mics connected all the time. To do that with my currently-used manufacturer, I need a device that has 18 inputs.

I'm used to software that has 6x as many features as I need; I'm not sure it's a good thing for hardware.

It has arrived!! But I'm on deadline at work and haven't had a chance to unbox. Family scheduled to the hilt this weekend and another crushing deadline at work next week! So close yet so far!!

By the time I'm ready to test drive this may have arrived as it was back ordered too...

I've had pretty good luck with behringer gear and figured I'd give it a shot... The mic's self noise is crazy low so I couldn't say no! Well I probably could have said no but didn't!


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Do let us know how you like it. I just got a new interface around April or May. I've had lots of good experience with Behringer stuff too, and was why I went with the 4 channel one of theirs, I'll probably eventually get the 8 channel one. I've been more than happy with it so far, especially for its price, the preamps on it are great. My only complaint and it's not really an issue is you either have phantom power running to all channels or none. I was either going to get the Focusrite or the Motu one you just got, but the 4 channels plus midi in/out even though I never use the midi was the selling factor for me.

Congrats on the new gear!

At some point I'll want a bigger interface. I'm currently using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen. It has 1 mic and 1 line in, which won't be enough forever. I mean, I'm gonna want at least 2 mic ins soonish. So I'm looking at the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. I'm really happy with my Solo, but the 18i20 will give me enough ins and outs to do whatever I want in the long run.

Not happening any time soon, but eventually yeah.

I heard the scarlet stuff was really good!

I received my Motu 2M but work has been crazy and I haven’t unboxed yet… I also ordered a Behringer TM1 condenser microphone from Sweetwater… They were back ordered as well and it should be shipping a couple of days I’ve been told.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Behringer gear, it was $99 and the self noise was incredibly low

I figured what the heck might as well give it a shot and if it doesn’t work out I could always return it.

Reviewing the Kenny Gioia this is reaper six video series. Each one’s about 15 minutes, 15 installments I find him really easy to understand.

Looking forward to getting a little more serious about my recording. What really held me back is my inability to track drums. I have easy drummer but I have never taken the time to properly set up or learn how to set up drum tracks.

I’m sure I’ll be coming back here for advice as I have a steep learning curve…


I'll be very interested to hear your verdict on the MOTU. And it seems you were lucky to get one; I just got an email saying my delivery date won't be until September at the earliest.

I got a used MOTU M4 on my local Craigslist, and used it on the last 2 tunes. Nice preamp, nice sound, very quiet. I was on vacation and took the MOTU, and a couple mics with me.

Sorry to hear that headfirst! Like I said I’ve been under crushing deadlines at work and haven’t even unboxed… But looking forward to streamlining my recording process. Past few months… Actually since joining the 5090 ideas been coming like crazy… would be nice to be able to sit down and track everything fairly quickly for a rough idea.

That’s great news stand up! Sometimes I do a lot of writing while away from the house… Hope you have a chance to do some recording while away, would love to hear some vacationing verse!lol!!

I moved from a Steinberg interface to an M2 earlier this year before FAWM, and like it a lot.

GTK tjeff!! Thanks for the input!

I'm looking forward to tracking with mine. Just got the word that the Behringer TM1 condenser mic that was back ordered just shipped!

Might be a great combo if I can get my recording skills up to par!


Just received confirmation of TM1 Condenser mic delivery. Should be recording in a few days!

I received my M2 and finally unboxed it the other day. Was hoping to use it for the final collab but tech issues prevented me and got by with my alesis interface.

After unboxing and thinking about it... someone mentioned this above - LoL ... Called sweetwater to confirm I could exchange for the M4! Got the ok and will be shipping back this week.

Going "big" HAHA!


My M4 arrived yesterday and I spent the evening hooking it up and trying it out. The colour LCD display on the front made setting input and output levels a breeze and it's almost worth the money just for that. But it sounds great, too. The preamps in it are nowhere near as harsh as the ones in the KA6 and everything sounds tighter.

And it's *fast*. It's happily running with a buffer size of 256 ms, giving an in-and-out latency of 16 ms. Its loopback function does what it says on the tin and works perfectly with OBS, so I no longer need to trail cables to the Zoom Q8 I've been using as an audio encoder and webcam. Fewer cables in the studio is a definite win. I'm very pleased with it.

I like my Focusrite 2i2. I do have to remember to redirect the monitor outs back to the desk top speakers when I am done.

Same here on the redirect!