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Welcome to The 50 Songs In 90 Days Challenge! This event is a self challenge to write 50 songs from July 4th until October 1st together with other songwriters around the globe.

There's a lot of things going on here and it all may be a bit overwhelming if you are new, so here are some links with some helpful information:

For those of you who have done this before, feel free to post your most helpful tips here.

The link to the FAQ is giving me a not found error. The rest of the links work fine.

Thanks for the heads-up @pearlmanhattan. I believe that's due to a minor oops/glitch-sort-of-thing that cropped up as Eric was resetting the site for this year. Hopefully, he'll have that back in place quickly.

In the meantime if anyone has questions, don't be shy, ask in the forums. We're nice (if strange) people here. Smile Okay, I might just be speaking for myself on the "strange' comment. Wink