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Welcome to The 50 Songs In 90 Days Challenge! This event is a self challenge to write 50 songs from July 4th until October 1st together with other songwriters around the globe.

There's a lot of things going on here and it all may be a bit overwhelming if you are new, so here are some links with some helpful information:

For those of you who have done this before, feel free to post your most helpful tips here.

A helpful tip: if you want to tag someone in the forums, use brackets around their name. So, if you type the following without the spaces
[ @ tcelliott ]
you will get

That means that you can tag people who's names have a space (like mine). For instance, tagging Eric would look like this, except without the spaces between the brackets or at symbol: [ @ eric distad ]

Is there a list of which ascii codes / smileys work here? I've got the very basics down, but never know which of the more complex ones may work. Smile

The most helpful tip I could offer (and I'm just spamming the forum right now because I'm feeling kinda restless) is this:

Fer chrissakes DON'T PLAN ANYTHING!

And if you do, throw it all out the window when the thing starts. I never get anything done when I have a plan. It starts to feel like a job. The old tagline goes something like: whatcha waiting for, inspiration?, but the truth is, you need that inspiration. Not to make the thing you planned extra special awesome but rather to tell you what you'd like to do when you have a moment to yourself to make a song. Go with the flow and release whatever you come up with. Then move to the next one. Boom! You're winning already.

I agree with @Ianuarius, except when I don't. Half the fun for me is definitely being spontaneous; the other half is planning and seeing a bigger project through to completion. One reason I enjoy 50/90 so much is that, spanning three months as it does, it offers lots of times for both approaches!

re: Both of y'all. 50/90 is long enough to do both. I'd say set a structure but then abandon it (or not) as you see fit. Or make a bunch of plans and then work on the one that you feel like working on when the time comes. Structure can be great, but i can also be awful. So my advice is simply to just have fun.

I'm pretty sure that's what I said. It's certainly what I meant! Smile

This is your chance to collect loose unfinished songs, or even just snippets, and after a little work, present them to an audience of like minded artists for review, discussion, and feedback.

@OdilonGreen I wasn't plagiarizing, I was just stealing. Wink

That being said, I actually sat down and made out a game plan for a 10 EP type of challenge (well the first third of one, anyway) a la Tim Wille. I doubt I follow up, but it's fun to plot it and see what happens.

Love your work @tcelliott ;). I'm back to give 50/90 another try this year (I think) - been getting too bogged down in the administration of running a band and not getting into my writing brain - I've got to kick start the creative again!

Last year I came in with a deliberate plan and did literally 0 of my plan, instead just doing other stuff all the way to 80 tracks... so yeah. 50/90 happens. I like the idea of 10 EPs. That's clever.

Hmm that 10 ep deal sounds pretty delicious. Oh boy, I can feel the plans forming already.

The joy of FAWM and 50/90 for me is to have NO PLAN. I spend the rest of the year working hard writing songs with universal lyrics for libraries etc, but here I can go NUTS Wink

Write, rite, right!

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I have a's simple and doable. I've completed 50 before so I don't feel the need to do it again, so I'm just gonna have fun around here and participate in skirmishes, produce for other FAWMers, and comment as often as I can. And there's always room for improvisation!

For me, best at FAWM and here is: "grab what flies by" sending the inner critic to a long vaction.

And do challenges

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@tootoobee - oh yeah, definitely gonna try some of the challenges as well.

I've never done a 5090 skirmish, ever. I might try that this year. I'll hit on the group challenges too.

I always have a plan and always do the plan. But then again, I don't have any friends, so there's a balance to be struck, I suppose.

My advice:

If you want to win with 50 "legitimate" songs: July means nothing, the last week of September means everything.

If you care about what others think of your music, July means everything since most everyone will have vanished long before the finish in October.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, go to fiftyninety.fawmers.COM!

Wait -

Is it true that most people will vanish long before October?

It gets pretty quiet after a couple of weeks. Sad

I understand why participation fades after a few weeks - 90 days is a long haul, and life gets in the way. Right now, I can't foresee any reason why I won't be around for the whole length of the challenge.

After the lights are turned off, and the doors locked and everything is put away, then, --some of the best stuff happens. It always does. But, you'll have to click in to find out. There was even a very productive "pre-5090" forum. Now there's a "post-5090" forum. FAWM5090 runs 247365 -- Feb'nJul are just pressure release dates. Lol

-- So, derUgo