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Welcome to The 50 Songs In 90 Days Challenge! This event is a self challenge to write 50 songs from July 4th until October 1st together with other songwriters around the globe.

There's a lot of things going on here and it all may be a bit overwhelming if you are new, so here are some links with some helpful information:

For those of you who have done this before, feel free to post your most helpful tips here!

Most important lesson for me: the more you listen to and comment on other people's songs, the more you'll grow as a songwriter and the more you will get out of taking part. It's as simple as that.

Give thanks and such to the people that comment on your song, on their soundboard not in your song, they will not be notified, so will probably unfortunately never see what you wrote (unless there has been any change in the coding?)

For the brand new. If you get a comment on a song or a message on your board and you want to reply then you should click on their name and leave a message on their board. Most of us leave lots of comments and are very unlikely to return to the song to see any reply you leave.

Label your song files appropriately and if you can then please use mp3 tags.

I highly suggest labeling your song file bandname_songname.mp3

For instance if I wrote and posted a song called "I'm A Rock Star" then I would label my song file like this:

TCElliott_ImARockStar.mp3 or

Some folks like to label it for the challenge so they'll do something like this:

5090_2019_TCElliott_ImARockStar.mp3 or TCElliott_ImARockStar_50902019.mp3

And finally, you'll want to do this so that you can mark all of your songs downloadable just in case one of our wonderful participants decides to do a podcast and wants to use your song or another of our members wants to download your song to listen to later.

thanks for considering this mild suggestion.

In order to tag someone you use brackets and an @ symbol like: [ @Eric Distad ] but without the spaces.

Right, @Eric Distad ?

Exactly right @tcelliott

Also, there are a bunch of smileys enabled in the forums, so feel free to try things like * help * to get Help

Don't trash your own songs. Don't kill your own children. Don't write in your liner notes things like "This is a terrible song. This is worthless. This isn't worth listening to or even reading." And words to that effect. You deserve better than to shoot your own creation. Put the song up and let the listener listen without negative preconceptions! (Trash your own song and I will haunt you from both sides of the grave. Seriously. No-one wants that, do they?)

Just write and have fun!

Don't get hung up on hitting 50 songs. Some people here write 123 songs, some 17, some 3. Matters not in the slightest. Do what works for you, relax, have fun, and be creative. Also, don't compare. You'll just drive yourself crazy thinking about not being as good as so-and-so. Spoiler alert, no one is as good as so-and-so, so save your mental energy for your creativity. You do you. No one else can after all.

The wise and talented @Tim Fatchen beat me to the "don't trash your songs" suggestion.
To add to what was also mentioned above - instead of thanking someone for listening on their soundboard, go listen to one of their songs AND thank them there. (At least that's what I do.)
Other than the introductory hellos, I only post on soundboards to answer questions listeners might ask about my songs.
And perhaps try to not be one of those "I'll comment later, but right now I'm just focused on writing" types. Seldom works out that way.

If you are interested in collaborating with someone, reach out and ask. Many of these talented folks are willing to add music to lyric, or lyric to music. It's best to ask first before assuming, and be clear about expectations. Working together can add a different dimension of fun! My other recommendation is to be sure and jump into the challenges! They spark creativity and sometimes a push out of your comfort zone is just what you need!

Spill your guts, right there on the stage and see who comes to look, -- you'll be surprised and delighted at who loves your stuff; and, how that effects how you, -- then hear it.

Therefore: if you "like" something, make is a useful comment, and say, -- why.

Write lyrics to a second verse before you stop!!! If you write a verse and chorus, write s second verse too. Even if it’s stream of consciousness / any lyrics. Coming back later to write a second verse on blank page will often cause you to never complete the song.

Along the same line, write a “placeholder” into, (if you’re writing music).before you stop.

Then all you’ll need is maybe a bridge or solo over some of the verse or chorus’ chords and and some lyric editing. It’ll be complete. You can revise it more later, if you want.

Any more tips on songwriting, using the site or the 50/90 community?
(In other words, BUMP)

One thing I really like about 50/90 is the culture of reciprocity - if you want feedback, you gotta give it. I aim to reciprocate a comment for anyone who comments on mine, plus a few extra per song posted. Can't always say I succeed, but that's the aim. Not only is it polite, but it also opens you up to what everyone else is doing and you get ideas that way. Oh and I always try to pick out specific features to comment on, a line or a progression, rather than generic "good song!".

Also, donate! It's a way of making yourself commit. And the rock hands look cool.

I love to hear people take apart their songs and de-mystify it. I've been listening to the podcast "Song Exploder". So good.
The one with Weezer is my fave so far. Such a random way to write songs!!!!!

The muse visits at random. The rest is hard work and not quitting. I get half a song and I MAKE myself finish it, even if I don't like how it came out. Demos aren't forever. Sometimes you gotta clear the pipes out, right?

In far from being sensitive but I've noticed that we are starting to have more songs now with language that offends some but does not have the NSFW tag, i saw 2 just yesterday. Is this a change in our attitude? Or maybe newbies are not aware of it! I remember a discussion in FAWM this year where there were strong views that we should not be censored but the NSFW should be used if any doubts of offense might occur.

firsly a MASSIVE WELCOME, cup of tea ?
that's how friendly it is here

Great people on here
with sound advice
so listen to them and learn
give feedback to others

but mainly have fun