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We grow our musical members every year! Always hoping to hear from anyone that makes music in, lives in or is near New Hampshire!!

As a Connecticut resident, I always hope for some kind of New England meetup (although I never do anything to make the dream a reality). Who knows, maybe this year? Smile

I find that finding a PLACE to meet is the tricky part. Folks want to gather and perform and if it is far, have a place to stay, so if you ever have a "place" to offer, just choose a date and see who can come! Our FAWM over gatherings in Boston are always fun!

Hello, Neighbor! Smile Nice to see another Granite Stater here.

HI MAX!! WELCOME! Where in NH do you live? I'm in Merrimack (between Nashua and Manchester) I co-run a songwriting group in Amherst. Hope to hear more from you and always happy to meet a new person from NH!!

Oh cool! I'm in the Keene area.

Max, I come up to Keene once a year in March for Special Olympics Basketball at the college. I also have a friend, Bob Rutherford who has been coming to Keene to perform, really like the town, do you go to poetry readings or have a songwriting community of folks, what are you doing creatively in Keene? I just had my photos featured on the cover and inside pages of the NH Poetry Society's publication, are you a member? I have many questions.

Hey! Sorry it took me a bit to reply - been camping in the White Mountains with no electricity or wifi. Yay for being unplugged!
I've never been involved in any poetry or song writing before. I was a strictly fiction writer, mostly crime stuff, up until I decided to give this a shot. There is a writers group that meets at the Toadstool Bookshop in Keene - it's open to the public and they have a fair amount of poets but I've only been once. My town library had a fiction writers group for awhile that I attended too, but that disbanded recently.
That's awesome your photo was on the cover of NH Poetry Society! I dabble in painting, sculpting, and photography as well.

Hi Northeast. I am in Manchester, NH.

Hello! Smile Yay, another NH person!

Hi Jyl, been missing you, hope all is well with you, what upcoming open mics are you doing, would like to see you eventually!!