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We grow our musical members every year! Always hoping to hear from anyone that makes music in, lives in or is near New Hampshire!!

As a Connecticut resident, I always hope for some kind of New England meetup (although I never do anything to make the dream a reality). Who knows, maybe this year? Smile

I find that finding a PLACE to meet is the tricky part. Folks want to gather and perform and if it is far, have a place to stay, so if you ever have a "place" to offer, just choose a date and see who can come! Our FAWM over gatherings in Boston are always fun!

Hello, Neighbor! Smile Nice to see another Granite Stater here.

HI MAX!! WELCOME! Where in NH do you live? I'm in Merrimack (between Nashua and Manchester) I co-run a songwriting group in Amherst. Hope to hear more from you and always happy to meet a new person from NH!!

Oh cool! I'm in the Keene area.