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We had a nice turnout from NH for FAWM, anyone around for 50/90??

I'm in CT, but if the response to your NH post turns out to be as underwhelming as to my CT post thus far, we may want to think about a pan-New England thread. Smile

Actually, we were thinking of a New England "get-together" after FAWM and talked about renting a house in CT for it. If we can get a good deal on a big house there and a place to perform, I think I can get a Fawmstock arranged next year. It is also early and this started on a holiday weekend, take heart!!

I'm in Massachusetts, but the NH state line goes through the woods behind my house. Close enough, I guess. Hi everyone.

Certainly if there's a regional FAWMstock, and especially here in CT, I would make every effort to attend. In the meantime, we can trash talk all those people who don't have the good sense to live here in New England. Biggrin

I don't live in NH but I do live in VT so closeish.

I am in New Hampshire!

We LOVE CLOSEish in this thread! Good to see you Sam and Robert! Yes, I would love to have a New England get-together, we were thinking CT to include some of our FAWMSTOCK family like threequeens and jessicagraae who are looking to shorten the FAWMSTOCK travel as well, it would be a good Eastern hub. HELLO JYL my friend! I hope we can all keep recruiting and find ways to meet outside of FAWM and 50/90!