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Hey! This is the thread for all that new gear you've bought recently! Or what you want to buy during 50/90.

What'd you get? What are you gonna do with it? Biggrin

To start things off, I'm super excited to soon be getting my first studio. Squee!!! Not gear as such, but a room for my music. Once I have that (maybe a month from now?), I'll be looking to get a new vocal mic plus a vocal booth, a DI box, and some monitors. I doubt I'll be able to afford all of them before the end of 50/90, but I'll try!

Now you. Go! Biggrin

I also want a china cymbal, cymbal stand, overhead mic, 7-string guitar, guitar with a Floyd Rose, expensive amp/cab, and possibly a bass and amp.

That'll probably take me 2-3 years to save up for, though.

Oh! And a flute and possibly a busking amp!

I thought about a busking amp but I would use Kontakt 6 more, so it wins....

Does software count as new gear? If so I am loaded for bear! Just upgraded to Komplete 13 and I have more virtual instruments and synths than I know what to do with! So I'm thinking I should use 'em in some new songs in, oh I dunno, just a little over 13 days from now!

@johnstaples I blame @headfirstonly for this rush to buy Native Instruments at half their normal price! But >>I<< could only stretch to Kontakt 6. Even so, like you, I now have more virtual oddities flying around than you can poke a stick at. New software is definitely new gear when it costs more than your workaday acoustic instruments!

@johnstaples @Tim Fatchen You won't regret it, guys. As I said on the FB FAWM group, buying Kontakt is like joining a club. A club of talented wizards who make loads and loads of magical instruments, and then share them for free - as an example, check out:

Those should keep you happy for a while!

After killing my 20 year-old PC doing the house party mix during FAWM, I finally splashed out and had a music PC custom built. I also joined the Komplete 13 Klub. Other new instruments include a six-string and an eight-string bass guitar. And a new prototype Hudsonics amplifier.

Been considering getting a chalumeau or other folk style clarinet. I have a regular clarinet, but chalumeau is so cool! And a student’s parent gave me a used melodica.

I got a new laptop, since the old one died near the end of FAWM. As such, I've rebuilt my "Live" Jeskola Buzz project from the ground up with a completely different routing philosophy/structure. If you thought my old routing screen shot looked wild, you should see the new one.

The "Old" Buzz Setup:

The Current Buzz Setup:

Yeah, I know… it's not as crazy as it looks. Just follow the routing direction pointers (the little triangles on the machine wires) & you can see that it's actually a failry straight forward signal from the inputs on the upper left to the Master Out on the bottom left. Most of the machines on there are "Do Nothing" machines (i.e. they don't modify the signal at all) & are there simply to help organize the routing (the Blue-Black-Blue stripped machines are the "Do Nothing" Buzz Machines, BTW).

So I've been experimenting with this new setup - which means that this 50/90 (like last year) will simply be an extension of those experiments. I'll try to push the creative/technical boundries of the setup & probably tweak things along the way.

I guess we'll see where it all gets me come the end of Rocktober Biggrin

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I bought a melodica. It's cool. A couple of pedals: Tube Amp Modeler and a fuzz. A new guitar amp: Fender Super Sonic 22 (it's great, but I haven't used it much yet.)

A new guitar strap, I tend to lose those a lot from travel or breaking. A acoustic guitar would be nice to own again so that as well.

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@Candle I know enough (very little) about buzz to know that's not quite as simple of a signal chain as you're making it out to be Biggrin Looks great though!

@tcelliott Tube modelers have come a long ways and gotten quite a bit cheaper for a good one. I used a pretty old model of a Vox one years ago that you can't even really find anymore, at least I can't that was great, but there's copies of them now you can grab for under $50 that seem to do the job nicely. I'm intrigued by some of their new line of stuff too, Copperheads? I think they're called. I've been impressed with their NuTube stuff I've used. I have one of their 50watt NuTube heads that I really adore. It's great for clean headroom for days and a really nice pedal platform and fits in your hand Biggrin

I've gotten quite a few new toys since fawm. Most useful was a new interface after my old crappy one finally fully crapped out, but my favorite is probably a new slide with a piezo inside it, made by a pretty genuis fella and super nice guy, who does some great quality work. He also sent me some of his homemade pickups which are absolutely amazing, I've even wired up a stereo pair in my gretsch to replace the bass pup I did have in it......... so I'll give him a bit of free advertisement Biggrin

After putting in a ton of overtime at the day job, and having a really decent Winter/Fall of private lessons, my wife gave me the thumbs up for my first audio interface. Picked up a Focusrite 2i2, and will be using it to record into Soundtrap (for now...Chromebook-only until I can get a dedicated computer for music stuff again). Next big purchase is a Yamaha 5 string electric violin, though that's mostly for teaching with occasional gigs.

@rorowe I wish I'd gotten the 2i2. I got a Solo instead. A little cheaper, but only 1 mic and 1 instrument input, whereas the 2i2 could be 2 of either. Definitely worth the extra money, I think.

For the first time in years I have a dedicated space for drumset. New skins, probably a new mic stand, and maybe even a new microphone to come.

I've used fake drums for 90% of my FAWM and 50/90 recordings. I'm super excited to play my drums again.

Oh heavens! I just found a new guitar I want to buy. An Epiphone SG with P90s (red, of course). It would cost about $700 plus shipping in Australia... $700 that should be spent on the studio. $700 that I don't have... But an SG with P90s!!!


A plug for the BM800 condenser microphone. Various trade names, various brands on eBay, but the BM800 in the specs is the key to look for, It seems to be the reigning podcast mic in SE Asia. I flag it because (a) I posses not one but two (!) (b) it has remarkably good performance if you just roll back the top end a little (c) it's very well constructed (d) it is amazingly, staggeringly, unbelievably, crazily cheap. I bought one actually to get the microphone arm, pop filter and xlr cable that came with,assuming I'd just throw the mic away. I tried it, and then bought $25 for the arm, pop filter, cable and $4 for the mic, how could I not? excuse for anyone complaining they ain't got a reasonable mic....


@cblack the whole bundle was going for AUD29. At that time, to buy the arm and cable separately (never mond the mount and pop filter) as about $25 for an equivalent. Hence AUD4 for the mic. Now, i find the latest price in Oz is a trifle under AUD14 INCLUDING postage for the mic, mount, cantilevered/balance/spring desk arm, and XLR cable. And as I have said, the mic is very good. That's in absolute terms. Not a topliner but it's up there with eg the cheaper Behringer condensers. I think the sellers are getting desperate.

@cblack - Tim persuaded me to buy two of these too. And I did some fairly basic audio tests on them. For the money, they are ridiculously good! The frequency response is pretty flat across most of the usable spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz with a slight uptick towards the top end. I use mine for recording my recorders and I have to say they have a lower noise floor than my Samson C01 that cost almost five times as much. Also, the Samson didn't come with all the accessories that you get with the BM800.

I upgraded from Komplete 8 to 13 a few months ago and am still kind of stunned by the amount of new stuff. (There are 47 libraries I still haven't downloaded.) Doubling down on that, I now have a S49 Mk2 controller on order.

I'm not sure this all makes sense for a hack guitarist with hunt-and-peck keyboard skills. Smile

I talked myself in to buying a new (used) computer. This time it was "refurbished" and not university surplus, but it was under $500 and can replace two weaker ($200) computers I was using. (Which will work as spares for my kids' computers.)

I have already made a song with it, and it was a very pleasant experience. (Though I did earworm myself.)

I have to say, @Tim Fatchen is being rather compelling with his mic sale pitch. I think it may be time for me to upgrade to a mic on an arm.

Finally bought a capo. Been 30 years...

Last Fifty/Ninety I bought a new audio interface. I had to; my seven-year-old Scarlett 2i2 died on me. The Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Mk2 that replaced it worked fine for the first six months, but then it started falling over, turning all the audio output into a horrid bitcrushed mess that sounded like 4-bit samples. Switching the sample size in the ASIO driver for the unit resets whatever part of the software it is that falls over, but at one point during FAWM I was having to do this every ten minutes, which is not really good enough.

So for the past few months I've been playing customer service bingo. I didn't want a replacement unit, because it appears to be a design fault rather than a faulty component; there are plenty of messages from disgruntled users on NI's forum hearing exactly the same thing. My supplier said talk to the manufacturer, which is fair enough. To give credit to NI, they worked very hard at trying to get the interface running reliably. The noise fault in the interface is in the output stage, and it doesn't affect anything I record. It appears to be triggered by high processor loads, so I've managed to reduce the frequency with which it falls over by not running BOINC and lowering the refresh rate on my monitors (NI's suggestion, and to my surprise it did work—just not completely.)

The tl;dr version: NI said they couldn't provide a full refund, because I didn't buy from them directly. However, they offered me an upgrade to Komplete Ultimate 13 instead, which was actually the best outcome of the scenario for me. I get to keep the interface and I'm currently downloading my software. Crikey, there's a lot of it.

I can get by with the KA6 for the time being, but its replacement, a MOTU M4, will *hopefully* arrive next month (it was originally due to be delivered a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not holding my breath. There's a world shortage of DAC chips at the moment thanks to a fire at the AKM factory last year.)

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@Tim Fatchen I actually looked at those and didn't want to believe the reviews, and almost bought one for the same reason you did, just to get the arm, filter, cable. I ended up getting a stereo pair of the small condenser behringers instead(don't have them yet as they were backordered) but they weren't much more expensive and I'm sure they'll work good enough. Spec wise they were identical to that bm800.

@Dragondreams I've had a pair of those Samsons if the Behringers are even that good I'll be happy enough. I think that's exactly what they are copies of.

@dzd Those baby Behringer pairs were on my wish list but I hadn't the cash and needed another desk arm for my Behringer ultravoice dynamic mics which are my go-to vocals mics and have been for years. And so...

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@Tim Fatchen Yeah that's a great price, especially with the bundle of stuff it comes with. I might get one of those as well. I'll put together a new iso cabinet eventually, and I'll always want an SM57(or good clone) as well as either a condenser or ribbon mic as well in there. At the price of those I can probably afford to at least try one out, and if I don't like it there I can always find another use for it.

@dzd Search on "behringer ultravoice xm8500 review", the Ultravoice is an almost/not quite SM58 clone at a staggeringly cheap price. Alas, it's set up as a vocal mic and they never brought out a sister mic with the grill/cartridge set up as instrument mic ( regrettably no almost/not quite SM57 clone!).

If you can afford to buy the best, always best to do so. In my case, always a terrible stretch and re voices, well, am I such a wonderful singer that an SM58 would be worth the extra money to get the best of my beautiful singing voice? [ROFL] And for a pianist: I did have the choice of buying a stunning Ronisch acoustic grand piano, Romantic in style and feel, absolutely MADE for me and what I most like/want to do with a piano. The other choice was to get building drainage and repointing sorted. Price was the same. $60,000. In my dreams, I bought the piano.

added a squire tele with a 2 humbucker configuration. last pickup configuration i need for teles.

accepted a low ball offer on a bodhran on reverb. had no idea the seller could offer on reverb! i've always wanted one,

so i am planning to get some acoustic folk stuff recorded this summer, bouzouki, mandolin, acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic, nashville strung acoustic, now bodhran. maybe add some cello as well. something i've wanted to get together for a while.
maybe even banjo....

I have been on a guitar pedal binge of late. Added many Source Audio One Series pedals, and a few from Keeley and Earthquaker Devices. Also added a Dreadbox Typhon mono synth over the last year that has yet to appear on a track. I plan to remedy that situation this time around.

The only new thing I've bought recently is a Music Man Ray 35 bass. I got it, because I was sick of cheap five strings that keep turning into bananas.

My NI S49 controller arrived today. It looks like fun.

It may be too much fun...I foresee tension between experimenting and creating songs. Smile

Had a shaky session in a recording studio, making me realise it would be more economical in the long run to get my own basic setup. That way I can learn and experiment without $$ on the clock. Got the Focusrite 2i2 bundle, JBL 104 monitors, Logic Pro X.

Also recently got an Axiom clarinet - Australian label for Chinese-made instruments, amazing tone for the price. And a Nova U carbon fibre soprano uke, intended as a car/basher uke but I'm so pleased with how it sounds.

The hope of getting the studio built before July 4th is gone. Haven't even had the shed components delivered yet, and then there'll be the insulation, electrics etc., and painting. Looking more like August at this point...

Sorry to hear that @cblack. Sad

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@PhilKMills Those controllers are fun. And they have lots of twinkly lights!

You might not be aware, but you can use it to drive the Maschine app (you should have it installed as part of Komplete Start). Most of the Maschine hardware is duplicated in the S series controllers. It took muggins here four months to figure that out, but when I did, much fun ensued...

@3tdoan Session time in a proper studio is always valuable, even if the only thing you learn is "I need to know more about this!" I've been lucky enough to spend time in studios jamming with friends or watching other bands record stuff (including Motorhead, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away), but I'm way, WAY happier making my own music at home. And even if the bottom has fallen out of the music business, we're in a golden age as far as recording techmnology is concerned. The hardware and software that's available for home recording these days is a source of continual amazement, as are the results that it's possible to get with it. A decent DAW like Logic provides capabilities that would have been impossible forty years ago. With that gear, it sounds like you're all set.

@cblack That sucks. Sorry to hear that. But at least it's still going to happen, and that's the important part.

@headfirstonly I did start up Maschine software and set up the configuration. However, since I have no idea how that software actually works, I figured I should learn about all the nice buttons with KK (and Reaper) first.

Oh, I can be patient with the studio. At the end of the day, I still need to save money to get the last few "essentials" anyway. Smile

@headfirstonly definitely it was a learning experience, and fun - pretty gruelling though! but i wasn't comfortable with the gear and the process, so not hugely productive. conclusion is that for my purposes, it'll be better to get the hang of home recording, and maybe head back into a studio once i have more than 0.05 clues about what it involves. i think a solid performance on familiar but less than professional gear will trump a shaky performance on pro gear.

@headfirstonly you rock! Can't wait to check out this instruments

Anyone else cramming skills? I've suddenly plunged headfirst into a crash course on beatmaking, finger drumming, and electronic music (quite a detour from my folky uke ways, lol), inhaling songwriting podcasts, speed-reading a 2002 edition of Home Recording for Dummies and flicking through Pat Pattison's Writing the Lyrics, jazz piano and clarinet faking. I suppose this is 50/90 anxiety/excitement manifesting! All that's just in the last few weeks, lmao.

@3tdoan Sounds like we've been watching some of the same videos around beats and electronica. Some of those finger drumming people are insanely good.

(Maschine software came with my recent keyboard purchase and I'm trying to decide if it's something I can use by seeing what others do with it.)

I found a Maschine Mikro in a pawn shop once. I got it set up, and it's very cool and everything. But I haven't got one single clue how to use the bloody thing.

now these are going to sound daft but truly, they are gamechangers.
i bought an angle poise desk clamp mic stand and doing away with the clunky boom stand (still efficiently deployed) has freed up space and feels so much more clutter free and NEAT. i also have an extension cable with 2 sockets (and 3 fast charge usb) and a SWITCH so that i can switch both of my speakers off without having to reach awkwardly behind each of them

Since FAWM, the big one is the 50s vibraphonette. But I just watched a couple tutorials and figured out how to set up the buttons and knobs on my Akai LPD8 midi pad to act as a DAW controller for reaper. I am sure I will refine my setup once I get using it. Kinda nice to have physical control of the faders.

@wobbie wobbit that's something I could use. I keep stubbing my toe or tripping on the one leg of my mic stand that sticks out at an awkward angle (the two others are nicely hidden away next to the base of my organ). I should see if I can get my hands on one.

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Bought my first ukulele yesterday on a whim, apart from that I’ve only invested in a few plugins and a software upgrades of my DAW, Ableton Live.
But finally moving into my brand new studio location in a few weeks, so I can finally record loud amps and drums again.

Update: Just had a handyman round today who has experience building studios! He reckons maybe 2 weeks from the time the shed is delivered. Which should be 2-3 weeks. So basically, I should be able to move into my first ever studio in about 5 weeks!!! Squeeee!!!

That'll be about halfway through 50/90. So I should be able to really go crazy with songwriting as soon as the studio's ready. Hooray!

That's awesome news @cblack! Congrats!

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