New "Equipment" (already have a specific "Instrument" thread...)

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I was not sure if this would be Okay under the New Instrument Acquired thread. So, figured, oh well, be less specific here Smile

For "me", Speakers are "instruments" (Amplifiers too, etc., mics...) ... so:

-- just got an "AOMAIS" (Aomais Go) blue tooth speaker (30 Watts).

[I'm not easily impressed... but, this thing even floats, rated for submersion in water, -- not sure about beer? though. Anyway...]

OMG! so nice to "play back" 5090 "stuff"... definitely "colors" it a bit, again, maybe, *more-fi (wouldn't say hi-fi).

Anyway, from my iPad, via SoundCloud to it... another fun way to hear stuff (and my stuff to preview) from here.

-- For 5090/FAWM I do try to (even with my acoustic one-take lo-fi recordings) preview via a couple of sound sources, PC Speakers, Studio Monitor Headphones, and now this, --will be a great aggragator of a balanced "better-Fi" source.

Anyway, I got "excited" a bit, which does not happen much concerning equipment, so went with it here! Smile