New England!

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Welcome, fellow New Englanders! Not to denigrate those folks from other places, but for those of us in the Northeast USA, let's have an especially great 50/90!! Wink

The representative from New York blows a raspberry in your general direction, feeling totally denigrated. *^_^*

Hideeho! Smile

I'm here!

I have every confidence our region is going to outperform all the others! 'Cause we're the best! Biggrin

Looking forward to it

Hello from New Hampshire!!!

Howdy y'all! Greetings from Massachusetts


Hi from Delaware! I miss touring through New England. We'll be up in Maine & VT in August ^_^


Sorry guys but it is UK all the way Smile

Just south of Boston!

First timer!

Hey @geoff61, New England is better than stodgy boring old England any day!

The original is always the best @OdilonGreen