New Documentary: The Beatles Get Back

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Most everything I've read or viewed about the final days of The Beatles has always portrayed troubled times. Angry people. Fighting and arguing and ultimately breaking up.

Now Peter Jackson has made a documentary based around the Let It Be sessions and the famous rooftop concert that would be the final Beatles performance.

And every scene in this "trailer" of sorts shows a much different picture! I am seeing smiles and grins and laughs and hamming it up for the camera. It ain't as goofy as the Help/Hard Day's Night movies but it is surprisingly upbeat. They appear to be...Having...Fun!

I'm still unsure if Jackson has whitewashed the story using only a handful of the happy shots or if previous documentaries painted it way too black but I guess it is somewhere in between.

At any rate I am really looking forward to seeing this. After all this time I still love The Beatles so very much and I relish the thought of watching them having fun together near the end! Oh and the film will include the entire 43 minute rooftop concert!

Can't wait! This little appetizer is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Super hyped up for this film.
Anything "new" from The Beatles is always welcome.
It seems that the original film focused on the acrimony and has ignored the good times they had in the studio (it must've been going well between them; they reconvened for "Abbey Road" after this).
You're right, all I ever hear about is the fights and problems, but perhaps that's cos it's easier to write about the drama than the good times.
Looking forward to a more balanced view.

Just read the Vanity Fair article - can't wait to see this film!! The article is a must-read for anyone that is looking forward to this. A bit disappointed that it won't be released in theatres, but a 6-hour documentary is gonna be great, I will bite the bullet and subscribe for Disney+ for a month in late November. And I'm happy that it will dispel the long-held notion regarding the atmosphere during those sessions.

My Disney+ membership has not disappointed me yet. Looking forward to this.

Still waiting for this as well, getting a better insight of the group dynamically will be pleasant to learn an watch.

I'm a little nervous about another documentary set in that time. I watched "1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything" and, although it was well done, the events that marked the transition from the late 60s to the early 70s were a horror show.

(I'm old. I lived through it and it *still* seemed like a horror show.)

there was a clip... i think it was from the archives jackson has access to... it were around 25 minutes of the rooftop show, and it opened and closed with 'get back'... but there were something like 3 or 4 songs sandwiched between those two renditions...

i really like their sound, especially with billy on the keys.

it will be something to see/hear the 1 hour+ entire show...