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for those still listening, i have just posted a 9 song album of selections fro FAWM 2014. Protest songs in the voices of blues, rock, r&b, and folk music. if you have th time and inclimation, check it out and let me know what you think.

Hey @billwhite51

Without the text-lyric I only listen "musically". In that regard wouldn't then know if they were "protest" songs or not, or of what. I listen to the words abstractly as additional harmony notes, -- sure they register, but not like knowing them. (But you likely know, get that already..., just qualifying a bit here.)

Sonorously speaking then Smile -- yes, they all do work, I "get" it, them.

#5 Emeralds Fall, well that's got some special hand-mouth coordination going on, really good, love it, --really.

Track #7 was Left channel only (but you knew that? Smile )

The fidelity of the tracks works. I like the sound of the chair moving, and vehicle going by. (Like in my own... I like my crickets and train whistle and lawn mowers going.) They have a character and value all their own.

I know what you mean by loosing something. But, they all, as live-performance-recordings will always have an individual one-off feel, -- that's OK. The lyric and melody still will anchor them!

Ah, anyway... i digress... --really liked #5. But they all were holding their own at a great level.

thanks for all your comments. if you listen to the streaming on the bandcamp site, you can access the lyrics. the only song that really bugs me fidelity wise is #9. #7 should play both channels at least it does on my machine. I havent listened to these songs since writing and recording them. never played them live. I was surprised at how much I liked some of them at an objective level..objective, i say, because i dont really remember writing them, so I listened as if they were new to me. if you want to know why i fled the US, the answer can be found in these songs. the funny thing is that now, i think people might feel i am writing about trumps america, when it fact it was obamas reign that scared me out of the country....especially his anti immigration policies regarding thrd world women. my wife, then fiance, was refused a visa on five occasions, including a student visa for special medical courses..she is a doctor...and she qualified for a visa under all of the stipulations. but also for his contuing to develop military culture as the backbone of society, doing nothing to halt the closing down of the free press, which cost me my job as an arts critic for one of seattles two daily papers, and his cavalier attitude towards the misuse of lethal force by police.

Hey @billwhite51 -- I had more time and went back to your video commented as related to the music tracks.

How I read "that", was the Tracks were "in" the movie, of/about the movie, but in it too.

Anyway, I did watch it, but was skimming ahead (looking for the music Smile ) ... and again, anyway, I "hear yah" on what you're saying. A couple of parts I skipped through since knew where it was going and sad... I know about sad... so, on the movie:
Actually, imo, I think your editing down was a great idea. I think, for what that is worth, "imo" Lol , my opinion, -- that you may be to close to the story line to edit it, possibly. And, if you had someone you not only trust but is like minded of a kind, not necessarily identical to your thinking (not a requirement), but being artistic would be (a film, music student there?)... they could consolidate it, and map to the music as backing, and with audio as appropriate.

For me, my reaction was that it was, "life effects, affects". Well, that's the affect it had on me and how I understood it, regardless of the "specifics". In that regard, I or anyone can or could relate to it. For me, I think in many films, the specifics of it get lost anyway, e.g. a great train robbery... is about the adventure not stealing gold, and etc. But, that's just me.

-- SoDerUgo Smile

both movie and album were a looking back at america from the perspective of an outsider.but i hope the experience of the movie is simply a pleasantly relaxing look at those lovable cretures who have been demonized as wild street hounds, as well as the calm of the international trade always going on in the ocean, while the people on land try to hold their own whie the sidewalks and streets are being torn up. ive made over a hundred short ethographic films in peru and i do it becaise i feel compelled to do it i go out and wne i see something happening, i film it, then go home and edit it. as yoou know from shcool, all art is an attempt to make other people see what you see, and so much of what is exported from peru is just the postcard images of andean villages and macchu picchu and lake titicata, those places dont interest me. i am drawn to the faces and expressions and the way people move in villages where nobody else is really looking at them, again, it ties in witht he song in respect to the themes i was thinking about during the time i wrote th songs. it want meant to be a visual soundtrack to the album.. i used the wagner bcause of the play n words in the title. but there is an original song by me and my ex band over the end titles.

Concerning where others are not looking Smile

Last week I was at the water and started to draw a crowd since was seen as intently photographing the sand. I was. (Unusual I guess... not to me!)

A young boy, maybe 3ish yo ran up, blocked my light to tell me there was "more" over there Lol Dirol hahhh... and then I looked down and his little cherub foot made a perfect imprint next to a horseshoe crabs broken shell that "looked" like his foot print (so to speak)... I was like, "thank you Lord", hahhh... well that one and another were my two favorites for the day. The sand, where the water breaks can look like the sky... I mean folks ask me "where is that", or looks like another planet, the moon when close up or if throw a chrome or b&w simple filter on it.

No one looks down enough when at the beach, let alone, inches away. Imagine what the shore looks like to a little blue claw crab from 3mm off the sand... -- whole nutha world.

If I do "album" art, those two could make a nice basis for it.

thats a cool story. i can relate to it. photography was forced upon me by a film maker friend, who had hired me to edit some of the film he had shot on the countrys first multi day, non corporate rock festival in 1968, which i had attended as a volunteer worker, having spent most of the summer on the site helping build the stage, light show pit, and other menial labours. he gave me a camera and told me to look for something interesting to shoot. now, i never noticed anything until i started taking pictures. i had spent my life as a writer, and i was always in my head, thinking. never seeing the world around me. so that camera gave me the eyes to see. which i what i think you are talking about with the crab and human footprints.

Hey @billwhite51

You would make a good teacher..., maybe open a "Collective" down there? Pass on all that authentic life experience! (Art, Music, Philosophy, Literature, et al.)

Hey Bill, I'm definitely gonna give this a listen when I get a moment. In that first song, I think you said, "There's no going back to the cradle once you've been to the cross." Wow, that's a devastatingly powerful line. I'm gonna be thinking about that for a while. Cheers, Danny

thanks for listening Danny. Im still thinking about what that line means, three years after i wrote it! Take care!

武道会 i am the only gringo in a barrio that is a converted orchard for the poor. it is unlikely that i could get a collective started here. ive done a lot of that sort of thing while in the states. here im just quietly raising my daughter and archiving my own work. maybe if i could make some money and moce to the gringo section of town i could get involved in some of that stuff. i nearly was able to when an irish bar there expressed an interest in hiring me as their house entertainer, but when i auditioned for them they could tell it had been five years since i had performed live and that was the end of that. it is a sports bar now,

Hey @billwhite51

You sure are busy on bandcamp!

I like all the pictures of you, and etc., from your archive.

There are not many pictures of me, lifelong. I was the one with the camera, always. Still that way Smile

--Anyway, all of a sudden you have the time to do it all, that's great!

When I have time, I'll have a look through it.

i dont really have that many pictures of myself. i was always the one who would run away from home when pictures were being taken because i refused t comb my hair. im not in any school yearbook because they always required a certain kind of shirt be worn. but i have ebough pictures for my purpose in making fake album covers for bandcamp. i have about a third of my songs up there now, and hope to have the whole project done by the end of the year. sold my first album today for five bucks!

Hey @billwhite51

-- Great. I figured you were likely selling tracks.

So, then, your last part of the project will be a "Greatest Hits" compilation!

And, the pictures of you are great period records!, however, if one dressed that way, today!, etc., would fit right in!, imo.

-- But, anyway, you got that "cool musician" look!

the whole collection is a greatest hits xompilation. i will only be posting about 500 of over 2000 songs. seriuly though, i have considered a greatest hists collection, but could never make the choices myself. but,,if i were honest about it i could make a compilation of the songs that have been the most well received. That compilation would surely include Junk **(from manicure) "sleepless dreamers" (from tales from the forsaken art house, "White Boy" from the Dimes, "Smoky Edge" from Ravenna, "Five Seconds to Midnght" from King and Country, |"Pink Lipstick|" from Older Master Cute, "Esmerelda" from Legends, an A Billion Women from Rain City Blues. Thats six, and there are probably another four in stuff i havent got to yet. So Maybe, once I have ten, Ill take your advice and do a greatest hits collection. here is a funny story about looks, although it might amusnobody but myself. i was recently looking at a television broadcast of a show i did in 1993. at that time i was fully immersed in britpop, and had little knowledge and no interest in what was going on in my hometown of seattle. yet in that video, i looked and dressed and even had the stage mannerisms of certain musicians fro that time and place. odd how you can not escape the imprint of your birthplace.

Hey @billwhite51

As I was listening to your stuff, and there is allot of it :)... yes, there'd be "one" in the "batch", of the many batches, that would really stick out, like really stick out. (What more can one ask for, imo, as I see it, ... really.)

Late in 5090 I posted a query of "how to select" for what their doing now, afterward ("album", on FB). All I was "after" was, if folks that engaged that, what if in the ~150 or so folks, several songs overlapped as "this one for this genre" on several folks lists. It was a "blind focus group" possibility of sorts. I realize most didn't "get it".

However, it's what's "done" here. So, for example you, I, other saying, "hey... this one" and had a way of "rating" it, if even anonymous, --it would have been an attempt to "mine" useful data from here, for--what you say above, -- "how do I pick'em" ? Well, as well as I can comment it here, with all it's limitations. However, at this point I think you and I know neither one is an "ass", -- we have authentic intent to be helpful for stuff we find interesting. The ones that responded said, "they were afraid they'd miss one, and offend someone"... So, if none of my songs ended up on any list, --so what? What about the ones that did? (If not done to please a peer here...--so, the anonymous comment, e.g., "this one for rockabiliy", etc... genre assignment. And if not "picked" well, kinda self evident, may have it's own "genre" Smile ... LOL! kindly...)

-- Anyway, I find the feedback we got VERY helpful "NOW"... I'm kinda blown away by some of what I got. Hey, if xyz "artist" get's shaky about their stuff, well, I, we-all are in very good company Smile (And I don't mean "mom" saying, "oh that's wonderful dear"... --real.)

there is always the one that catches on. for me, it will robably be junk, off the manicure album. 20 years later, returning to seattle with another band, there were a group of girls screaming for it. the worst thing is when the novelty song catches on. i wote a satire on new age music called walt disney on ice, and every where i played, there were requests for it..and when i started refusing to play it, lots of people stopped coming to my shows. 5 seconds t midnght spent three years in the top ten of neil youngs songs of war video chart.....20 years after i recorded it! so those longevity things are pretty reliable. what people respond to on any given night shouldnt be taken too seriously though. oh exceptiong of course my wife, who first contacted me through facebook after playing my song a billion women 100 times in a row.

Hey @billwhite51

Interesting turn, on what's liked. I think one has to be a very sensative sociologist (so to speak), urban archeologist of the present time to "write" to what may be liked. I think, possibly, to some extent we all have that in us. How it's developed may have allot to do with environment. It's actually a conversation that comes up often around "me", but no one seems to do anything about it... use that ability. Possibly the ones that do, that have "influence" and "luck" are the ones that may profit from it, --well.

For me, e.g. the "Blues", Spirituals, R&B... it has always had a somewhat limited appeal, yet everyone yells about being an expert concerning it, --weird (imo).

So, for example, with my "stuff", -- I have actually never, ever done covers, (generally speaking), sought to sound like anyone, nor studied anyone, (well, Bach, maybe a bit... because he wrote so fast, it was just notes on the paper, no key, time signature... just ingtervallic seperations. I like that. He wrote for God, he said... well, his employer was the "Church"...) anyway... "me", -- while I appreciate others work, never said, hey, I'm gonna be the next, "BBKing" or etc.

BBKing is said, has said himself in direct interviews, playing all night in a wooden shack on a friday night, he made the same money as all week in the Field (I know the work he did... and being Black in that time... he had to have been Blessed... his existence is hard to explain, --how his life went.)

Anyway, what's liked, and "me" (you), I do like my own stuff. However, I do know that many folks will not like it, --not at all. However again, the ones that do may likely like it enough to even shell out $8bucks for a 8track "bundle" Smile (album, cd, scratchy vinyl, etc.) I never cared. I had my chances long ago, and even in the recent present. I don't like the "compromise" that has to be made, so --ignore that.

I think when folks start to "like" stuff, and then others see that others like that stuff, then more like it because others then like it and it builds. For example, if even cliche, --it's what happened to Hendrix. He could play, and was around the folks who could employ him (not much in that)... but, folks hated his stuff. Then, others liked it which made others then like it and etc.

It's happened to me (you?). ONE person goes, "O M G"... that effected me. Then, folks that had zero opinion, have one. Lol I am glad to have found a niche of folks that "like" -me, and my stuff...

... oh well, rabbit trail coming... and I gotta go... so leave it there. Dirol , wifey is calling me!!! Hahhh...Sunday morning... (hey, Peru is only 1 hour behind US East Coast Time, kinda cool!....

peru is in the same time zone as eastern standard, but with daylight savings, you jump ahead one hour. your bb story reminds me of somethgn james blood ulmer told me. when he reached a certin age, his mma told him he had to get a job. so he asked her if he could make as much money playing music as he could working in the field, could he play music instead o wring, and seh answered yes. so he became a professional musician and is still going strong at the age of 75, probably more popular than ever. why dont you play covers? i would never have learned the blues had i not played covers. the important thing for me is to learn the language, then write something new in it. yu know how people diss led zepplin for stealing those tumes from african american musicians? well, i recently heard a doo wop version of whole lotta love from the 60s that was a lot close to the zepplin version than the muddy waters or willie dixon versions,

Hey @billwhite51 ,

Great question, so glad you asked, --re: covers.

You are one of the few here who know how to have a conversation, --ask questions, etc.

Actually it's more of a point to not obsessing as I've seen friends doing.

[... once again, I said to much; to many 20oz coffees and always upbeat start of my work day...]

what happened to the rest of yor comment? i finally have the time to adress some of the issues tyou brought up, but they have dusappeared, anyway, the creative versus journeyman musician routine is something of a myth, although your points are true for many individuals. with my own friends, i have found that their creativity has sometimes got thm shoved to the tech department where they wouldnt be such a threat. its the keep hendrix on rhythm guitar syndrome. one of the best drummers i know, and one i have worked with off and on over the last 20 years, has been occcupied primarily as matt camerons drum tech, and as such has put in a lot of years on the road with both soundgarden and pearl jam. when he does his own projects, he is so overwhelming that musicians get scared off. but as along as he is confined to tech status, his knowledge and skill is what gave soundgarden their drum sound. he also does the drum tech work for dave matthews in the studio, ad is involved in dozens of other peoples proects. my point is that his studio and tech wrk does not impede his own work. the only thing that has prevented hm from being successful in his own right is his perfectionism and demands on the musicians he is working with.

i was amused by your words on your friend who has worked with the stones,as i too have had friend in that situation. one guy had been peter gbiels personal manager, and ledt him for th stones for whom he designed the the steel wheels set, and worked as their tour manager for several years. his brother, with whom i had a short lived band, spent a short time as micks peronal assistant, aand that was aneducation to say the least. now both of these guys have limited musical creativity and fit in perfectly to the management and attendant positions. the guy who managedgabriel marrid the girl who managed U2 and im telling you that was a hel of a wedding party. i wound up arguing that stings so called jazz album was not jass at all with the guys from tears for fears. the point of this is that there is a place for the nn reative musical minded and they people who excel at such work are not without talent, and are in many ways unimpeded by their support positions. as for strict studio players, there is a good documentary on them that just came out called hired guns.

I'll check out that documentary.

I was not sure if my comments were long. Apparently a member here, a "moderator" (?) does not care for how I so carefreely communicate. I deleted that thread entirely, --just easier. (And the long post above, --apparently bothers this person?)

Must be the creative vs non you speak of Lol Dirol He's a bit unusual in that, why not just ignore, stay away from what he does not get, why be, a, well, that way? A couple of folks left 5090 this year, and openly so... geese supposed to be fun!!! (Violates his own rule, if not the founders here, PhDs in hi-ed, all of them (Founder). Interesting fellow (Founder) wrote a nice education paper, --it's here if you look for it in the who he is section, somewhere.) Anyway, I like my peace, so remove what makes others stumble, (moderator, not Founder Wink )? (Looked like some of that other thread had stuff deleted, a cryptic note said something incomprehensible ... well, 5090 is over anyway Smile )

Hey @billwhite51 , -- I don't have many folks who I can speak to at this, your level... I very much appreciate it! Sorry I didn't keep a copy. Oh well, next rabbit trail... hahhh... --yes, it's true, there is a place for everyone, the Lords plan it seems, if folks just say yes to it Dirol